Gorgon City
Photo: Will Robson-Scott / Press

Gorgon City — Olympia


Kye and Matt of Gorgon City have uniquely tapped into the power of Greek mythology to become a classic of their own accord. The globally acclaimed British production duo return to the dance floor with the release of their third studio album Olympia — an amalgamation of everything rhythmic and ultramodern we’ve been enamored with since the pair’s 2012 debut. The ambitious 18-track collective takes the notorious grit and glamour to new heights thanks to vivid EDM infusions and an undeniable zest for freedom.

In a post-pandemic world, Gorgon City is your one-way ticket to euphoria. As bonafide “lives of the party,” the duo is well aware rave-lovers alike are begging for the physical oneness music has lacked over the past year. Like heroes of the electronic era, they’ve taken this emptiness as a means of transformation while embarking on the beginnings of Olympia. “With this record we’ve definitely gone more clubby and have been inspired by the big shows that we played before lockdown,” they offer in a press junket. “It’s inspired by all the massive clubs and festivals we’ve been playing at over the years.”

With an impressive new deck of tracks that maintain a stronghold on the dance floor, it’s no wonder Olympia’s streaming numbers have unsurprisingly surpassed the 100,000,000 benchmark. That achievement, of course, being a regular accomplishment for the two-of-a-kind maestros. Sitting pretty on over 1.5 billion streams, Gorgon City has a house-music reputation akin to the gods and goddesses they frequently pay homage to.

And despite the twin flame level of musical genius, Olympia is a true testament to their nuanced production skillset and keen-eyed control. With Kye residing in Chicago, the notable birthplace of house music, and Matt steady in London, album creation was a bicontinental affair. And even with an ocean between the two hot shots, Olympia quickly became the epitome of exhilarating, rave-worthy anthems — but proving the artistry reached new peaks was only half the plan. The ultimate goal? “We can’t wait to get back on tour together properly!”

Lucky for us, fans can take that exclamation as a literal statement. Starting this September, Olympia becomes an immersive experience across both North America and Europe. The 25-date escapade will put Gorgon City back on the roster to defend their title as the supreme club masters of the last decade. An easy feat for the pair, but a tried-and-true indicator of success as a new age of live performances approaches. What’s clear, with Olympia as the foreground of future setlists, Gorgon City is prepared to set a refreshing standard for EDM bashes.

Given the ethereal, syncopated steps serving as the driving force throughout each track, there’s no shortage of liberating beat drops and sing-a-long lyrics that make electronic music so intoxicating. Album standout “You’ve Done Enough” is soon to be timeless classic, having delivered both nostalgia and modernity in just over a three-minute package. By the same token, “Nobody” and “House Arrest” deliver a similar sense of whimsy that yields an instant high of pure sonic bliss. At its core, Olympia is the closest tangible piece of heaven we could wish for. For the duo, its “escapism, happiness, unity, and hope” at the crux of the album, a message sure to supply a newfound liberation needed to navigate through unfamiliar territory. If anything, Gorgon City is providing the fundamental materials needed to ignite our fires and dance into the night as one again.