Jonny West

Jonny West — GOLD RUSH

Cool boy Jonny West just dropped a sleek slippery music video to accompany the smooth groove of a song “GOLD RUSH.” He is drenched in warm golden light while sitting for tacos, playing chess for cash, and eating fried chicken on a couch. West’s calming voice over airy beats creates the perfect atmosphere for dancing, driving, and singing in the shower. Then after serenading us with some hot melodies, he busts out into rap while on a date where he hopes the check will never come.

In the song, he sings “I just can’t afford ya” — a sentence we hope to never hear. But although we might not have any money in our pockets, at least we’ve got music to help us forget. We got to talk the LA-based musician about getting into music, writing “GOLD RUSH,” and living, laughing, and loving.

What inspired you to write “GOLD RUSH”?

I wanted to write a dance song rich boys and girls could dance to while being called out. But it’s all love.

How did the music video come together? How was the shoot?

Me and my  cinematographer Luke (what a nice guy) discussed doing one more one-shot video to match the theme of the other two music videos I have out. Then the idea came to us. Shoot was solid, I had all of my friends I’ve known since high school in it so that was hype.

What first got you into music? How have you evolved since then?

I bounced around in middle school and didn’t have many friends, so to make friends I’d freestyle rap about my teachers and then when I got to high school i really just wanted to have “a thing.” I didn’t start taking it seriously till maybe the end of high school then moved to LA , met my band members, and have been just making music since.

Where do you go or what do you do when you’re looking for inspiration?

Live, laugh, and love!

Dream collaboration?


What are you thinking about right now?

I gotta go water my plants.