Piera Van de Wiel
Photo: Molly E. Smith / Press

Piera Van de Wiel — Love Is Meant For You

Piera Van de Wiel is much more than a singer-songwriter, she’s one who happens to create songs that get you right there. She’s the founder of Stronger With Music, a collective that promotes the importance of music for mental health. She’s an LGTBQ+ and women’s rights activist. She’s worked and performed with NGOs globally, including the Barefoot College International, Applaud Our Kids Foundation at 54 Below, Songs For Love fundraiser for the Trevor Project, and the Aspire Artemis Foundation, and she has sung at the United Nations Headquarters in New York for International Women’s Day sponsored by the Mission of Djibouti. 

Her 2019 single “Come Back Home” was written to aid humanitarian efforts in the Abacos Bahamas that was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. Another, “Used,” was supported by the United Nations Spotlight Initiative to help raise funds for women and girls who have suffered from domestic violence. So far, so much better than most of us. 

But it’s her latest release, “Love Is Meant For You,” that is getting all the right ears wagging. An ode to living authentically and throwing caution to the wind, its go-get-‘em narrative is a life-affirming lesson ripe for a summer of love. 

“Ooze love, joy, and PRIDE!” Van de Wiel said in a release. “Anyone can love and be loved. As a proud member of the gorgeous LGBTQ+ community I’m so happy to share this track and most importantly give out love to you all. I believe it’s so important to reveal your true self and your true feelings to the one you like most. I know it’s freakin’ scary, but I believe it’s a risk worth taking!”