H.E.R. — We Made It

H.E.R. is blessed and blissed out in her latest single, “We Made It.” The 23-year-old singer, born Gabriella Wilson, dropped the triumphant new track on Friday, giving fans the perfect anthem for life’s highs. Raising a glass to her victories and the joy of celebrating them with a loved one, she sings, For all those nights hoping that we’d find it / Lookin’ at the sky, like thank God that you’re with me / You’re with me / Run red lights and following the signs / It’s been a long ride, and I just can’t believe / Can’t believe we made it.”

The song, produced by Flippa and DJ Camper, features electronic synths, scattered drum bursts, funky guitar riffs, and a showering piano outro. In true H.E.R. fashion, the songstress harmonizes her sultry vocals and sing-rapping with the instrumentals to create an immersive R&B ambience. 

“We Made It” is set to appear on H.E.R.’s debut album, Back of My Mind, which drops on June 18. In a video teaser, H.E.R. opened up about the project and what to expect. “People always ask me, you know, ‘What’s the message? Where does this come from? Is it personal experience?’” she says in the clip. “It’s always the thoughts that sit in the back of my mind. It’s always things that I’ve been through, things that I go through or that I feel, and all those thoughts that, I think, I’m afraid to say sometimes or that we’re afraid to say. Things that feel too honest or too vulnerable or too emotional or too aggressive or too — I don’t know, it’s all of those things.” 

The four-time Grammy winner goes on to say that Back of My Mind is an exploration of her mental journey since the release of her first project, H.E.R., Vol. 1, in 2016. “It’s like a peek into my soul,” she adds. Pre-save Back of Mind now.