Gia Woods
Photo: Callum Walker Hutchinson / Press

Gia Woods — Enough of You

Another week and more bangers have been released.

Gia Woods has been teasing fans for the release of her new EP, Heartbreak County, for some time and is finally kicking off the new chapter with her latest single, “Enough of You.” Undoubtedly, this song is one for the gays and should be added to your Pride playlist, whether the clubs are open or not.

The upcoming project tackles fame, sex, God, and addiction from the perspective of a Los Angeles native who is a voice of the LGBTQ+ community. If the addictive “Enough of You” tickles your fancy, then just wait for what she has up her sleeve for the EP. Keep reading to find out what Woods told EUPHORIA. about “Enough of You” and Heartbreak County.

What inspired you to write your new single, “Enough of You?”

All of the songs on Heartbreak County are inspired by my life growing up in LA. “Enough of You” is specifically inspired by the many kinds of addiction LA is filled with. Alcohol, drugs, sex, fame, glamour, all of it! There’s a lot of codependency going on in this city. I see people fall into the LA trap of chasing after the highs all the time. As much as I sometimes think I need a break, I also can’t get enough. 

What are you hoping listeners will take away from the song?

My hope is that people will feel like they’re not alone. I also hope they dance, feel euphoric, and have a cathartic moment of ecstasy. I think that feeling of knowing something isn’t necessarily good for you, but wanting to keep that thing in your life anyway, whether it’s a relationship, a city, or anything else, is a universal feeling we can all relate to. 

What was it about the track that made you want it to serve as the lead single for your new EP?

“Enough of You” was the first song I wrote that really launched me into this new era and it’s remained one of my favorites from the beginning. Sonically it’s heavily inspired by Madonna and Daft Punk, two of my all-time favorite artists, and it really set the tone for everything else that followed. Everything about it, from the production to the lyrics, inspired the rest of the EP. It’s the best introduction to Heartbreak County

How would you describe your upcoming EP, Heartbreak County, in three words?

Dance, drama, LA.