FLETCHER — Healing

For years, New Jersey singer and songwriter Cari Fletcher — better known as FLETCHER — has taken listeners through an emotional journey that puts any rollercoaster you could possibly think of to shame. She’s not only been able to make fans relate deeply to her music but somehow has also managed to open up a door for incredibly raw and honest queer lyricism with a sensible and poetic approach that is both suggestive and elegant. As she has grown into her artistry, FLETCHER has introduced us to her passions and lovers with an array of heartbreak anthems, grief bangers, and unapologetic sex-bops. Now, following her greatly successful lockdown EP, THE S(EX) TAPES, FLETCHER shares a self-accepting facet of her music with new single “Healing.”

The hopeful new track features FLETCHER’s powerful vocals supported by a rich and tangible baseline that opens the space for low-key melancholic guitars and a trap beats to tie it all together. With honesty at the forefront, just like in her lyrics, the singer explains this new first taste of what’s to come is profoundly confessional as she comes to terms with herself.

“I’ve spent my whole life looking for answers on how to be better – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, intellectually […] Between different relationships, doctors, healers, crystals, self-help books, medications, podcasts, you name it, I sought it out. All my value was placed externally. And though those things have guided me on my journey and led me to where I am now, the thing I was missing was right in front of me,” she said in a press release.

With a luminous and hopeful overall mood, you can certainly feel the cathartic energy this track actually brings to the table. Co-written with Scott Harris (Shawn Mendes, Khalid) and AlDae (Justin Bieber, The Kid Laroi), “Healing” expands FLETCHER’s universe to reflect her experiences through out the past year. The song is also a mirror held in front of society nowadays after having gone through one of the most exceptionally turbulent years in recent history. With the world having involuntarily hit pause, people have found themselves having to face their inner demons in one way or another and, very much like FLETCHER, we are in a collective self-acceptance journey that has us inside out of our feelings, and although we are not there yet, we are healing.