Evenson — Walking on a Ledge

Evenson’s latest single “Walking on a Ledge” is out now and it will leave you thinking about the things you’ve been avoiding. Evenson manages to not only bring us a soulful synthy jam but he manages to hit all the right cords to have us dancing and crying. The song starts off with the most relatable line: “I see people come and go like seasons.” Evenson brings depth to pop. Evenson says what we’re holding inside.

When discovering someone from his high school passed away, he poured his heart out in this song touching on the tragedies that try to slip by us. He shared with EUPHORIA., “In a year already plagued with uneasiness and anxiety, I found myself crawling to get back to myself. I’ve long struggled with depression, isolation and anxiety and it’s a blessing to know that I can turn my pain into something good for someone else.” We hear his kind and open soul all over his music.

Evenson is one to watch, not only because of his talent to make music, but what he has to say. We got to talk to the singer-songwriter about his love for music, his connection to home, and working on his latest single “Walking on a Ledge.”

Tell me about the process writing “Walking on a Ledge.” What sparked the idea?

I wrote “WALKING ON A LEDGE” in response to the sudden tragic passing of a former classmate. Upon hearing the news, I made the chord progression and the lyrics came to me at that moment. Last year was probably the worst year of my life as it was for many others, so I wanted this song to exude or transmit a bittersweet energy.

What got you into music? How has your love for it evolved since then?

I’ve always had a profound love for music, but the thing that really got me into it was how much I detested school and systems in general. Kids stay in school because education is important. I wanted to and I still want to live my life on my own terms. School didn’t present that opportunity for me, so I picked up a guitar and taught myself how to produce music. At times recently music has started to feel like a job which has made me feel a little anxious.

Where is home and what does it mean to you?

I have a love/hate relationship with my home in Connecticut. Growing up there it’s expected that you follow the rules, go to college, get a job, and marry in your 20s. I didn’t want that for myself, I wanted to change things up, spark some unpredictability. I’ve started to love the place as of recently because people here know how to fight, and they’re routinely disciplined.

What do you do or where do you go when you’re looking for inspiration?

I look for inspiration by listening or doing the things that I love. I like time traveling, looking at the creative archives of the artists that came before. I would read their articles, their books, their interviews, and their lyrics. This helps me to live in their world and understand where they’re coming from creatively.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to releasing a project, moving out of home, and having full creative control once things start ramping up. I have never performed in front of an audience before so I’m pretty stoked to see how I’ll engage with my listeners in person.

What are you listening to on repeat nowadays?

I’ve been listening to a lot of funk where it is under the new-wave or rock umbrella. Anything that really has a crazy groove pretty much does the job for me. I’d recommend the song “From These Heights” by Jelani Aryeh. It’s been on repeat for me nonstop.