chillpill — Hate U (ft. Sueco and Lonely God)

chillpill’s latest track “Hate U” hits you right in the face at the start and it doesn’t slow down from there. The virtual producer teamed up with singer and producer Sueco and underground indie musician Lonely God on the new song that splices in phone sounds and even the voice a woman who got left behind.

Though the lyrics are a bit of a gut punch of anger and frustration, they’re ones too many of us can relate to. Right from the start: “She keeps calling me / Leave me the fuck alone,” is a place we’ve all been. In fact, I’ve been on both sides of that, so I feel this slappy song deep in my soul (though I don’t want anyone calling me “another bitch”).

The trio on this project meld together so well, blending all their respective talents into a song that feels like old-school dance punk with a modern twist for 2021. Of the new song, Lonely God quite hilariously shared in a press release, “This song was cool because we made the whole thing over the internet during quarantine. My verse is also super good and about a girl, so you should really give it a listen.”

“Hate U” comes on the heels of chillpill’s “LiL BitCH” (ft. Rico Nasty and Soleima) and “Moonwalk” (ft. Coustin Stizz, Teejayx6, and YBN Nahmir). In fact, chillpill’s been releasing hit after hit with a number of other artists and working with huge names like Panic! At the Disco, Chloe x Halle, and more. Hiding stealthily behind his virtual artistry, chillpill has made an entire persona that lives in a 2D cartoon universe. He shared in a press release about this creation, “On the surface level, it’s a fun genre-blending idea, almost a tongue in cheek flip on pop culture. On a deeper level, it’s really a dark comedy and commentary on the state of the music industry.”

Check out the lyric video for the new song above and stream it below.