BXB Love
Photo: Kobe Boateng / Press

BXB LOVE — Losers

The Canada-born baddie BXB LOVE has just dropped a new bopping breezy song “Losers,” and it will have you wanting to join the club. The soft synths paired with groovy vocals from BXB LOVE come together to give us the perfect song to sing in the shower or in public because “we’re all fucking losers and we’re cool with it.” The fun lyrics and hard beats hit the right strings.

After attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, she made her way over to LA. We can hear the laid-back daydreaming in her music, something that California gives to us. BXB LOVE finds acceptance in a city that usually makes it hard for losers like us. But we’re taking the connotation that usually comes with the word “loser” and changing it from a negative to a positive in this song. We got to talk to the smooth soulful singer songwriter about being a loser and a musician at the same time. 

What does the term “loser” mean to you?

To me, a “loser” is someone who doesn’t “fit in.” It’s someone who does things their own way despite what might be considered the norm or status quo. The thing about fitting in is that usually one has to try in order to achieve that goal. To adapt themselves in order to align with and fit into a set of terms, rules, and roles.

What was the process like making the song? What sparked the idea?

Michele Canova, Jaime Estalella, and I made this song in Michele’s studio in North Hollywood a few weeks before the pandemic hit. We started off with the bass line that’s in the chorus and the song found its form around that. Beyond that, it’s kind of all a blur. Typically, I go into my own little mental zone until I hit a melody and lyrics that resonate with me then share it with whoever I’m working with and we take whatever we like and change what we don’t.

Where did the name BXB LOVE come from?

The name BXB LOVE came from a typo actually. I usually call my partner bb love when I text him and my phone always autocorrects it to bob love. The first time it happened I hadn’t been looking for an artist name but it definitely caught my eye and I was like this is kinda cool! Then when it came time to name my artist project that name kept popping into my head. It just felt like it fit with what I wanted to do with the project. I wanted something that was a bit androgynous and that spoke to connection, community, and what I believe is the source of creation — love. We decided to change the O in bob to an X, and here we are with BXB LOVE.

What’s your favorite thing about being a musician? What’s the hardest part?

My favorite part about creating as an artist is that I have the opportunity to be a mirror for the culture and communal consciousness of my community. I have the opportunity to connect people through music, to create community. To promote and catalyze healing and self exploration. To take the lessons I’ve learned, and turn them into artwork that others can enjoy or use along their own healing and self discovery journey.