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Mimi Webb

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The UK has found its next star: Mimi Webb. Soon after signing a deal with Epic Records, she decided to launch her music career in April 2020 with the release of “Before I Go.” Unexpectedly, the song blew up on TikTok and caught the attention of many, including social media personality Charli D’Amelio. Even though Webb debuted on the scene during the coronavirus pandemic, she admits that it gave her the time to get more creative, explaining she will be walking out of the pandemic as a different artist from the one she came in as.

mimi webb interview

In such a short space of time, Webb’s career has gone from strength to strength. The singer-songwriter from Canterbury, Kent, made her first appearance on the UK charts in February with “Reasons” and has since started to make noise around the world. Her breakthrough single, “Good Without,” dominated the airwaves and become her first well-deserved top 10 entry.

While “Good Without” enjoys another week in the top 10, she is keen to keep the ball rolling as she has dropped another single, “Dumb Love,” which debuted in the top 20. With just five songs under her belt, Webb’s fanbase is growing rapidly as she already has over 6.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

One thing she’s most surprised about is already having a billboard in Times Square, something she can’t believe has happened this early on. As for the millions of streams, Webb is super grateful for all the success but wants to stay focused and keep things moving as she is so eager to share more.

mimi webb interview

Following in the footsteps of Webb’s influences — Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Sam Smith — she knows how to write a heartfelt song that will contain a chorus that will be ingrained in your head. So far, her material has consisted of ballads about love and breakups. However, Webb informs us that fans can definitely expect more sounds and sides to her personality in the near future.

With another hit song under her belt and a completely sold-out tour across the UK and Ireland, it’s safe to say that Webb is living the dream and on her way to superstardom. EUPHORIA. got the chance to talk to Webb on Zoom to discuss the incredible year she’s been having while she was on her way to London. The talented songstress opened up about the overnight success of “Good Without,” her new single, “Dumb Love,” what listeners can expect next, and what she has planned for her upcoming live concerts.

mimi webb interview

Congratulations on “Good Without”! The song took off pretty instantly. Is the success it’s having taken you by surprise?

Oh my god, 100 percent! It was so crazy, especially being my fourth ever release. Seeing the reaction that it had, especially through TikTok and of the social media platforms I’ve used, it’s really taken me by surprise. I think as well the fact that we’ve been in a pandemic, you really don’t expect anything like that to happen.

What motivated you to write the song and how long had you been waiting to release it?

I wrote this song right at the start of the year, so it was the first song I wrote in 2021. I wrote it on Zoom with two of my friends and as soon as we wrote it, we knew it was definitely going to be a single. I hadn’t been able to write for such a long time; it was kind of that moment where everything came at once. It was inspired by a past situation I had been through and I felt like I hadn’t said all that I had wanted to say, so it was kind of like a chapter closure for me.

Where was the music video shot and how was that experience?

We rented out a building in London, there were so many dream rooms in there, very girly. I just loved it! I wanted to bring the whole girl power to it and the support system from your friends and the family that you have. The song is an emotional breakup song, but there is also that empowerment in the chorus of “I’m so good without” so I really wanted to capture that in the video.

Has there been any added pressure releasing a new single after “Good Without”? Or was the plan to always follow up the song with “Dumb Love”?

Yeah, there was definitely a worry of wanting to make sure it does super well, especially following up from “Good Without,” but we always knew it would be “Dumb Love” next. I’m SO happy with the reaction it’s had on its first week. I’ve always made sure to stay as chill and humble for each single to bring the positivity into each one.

There seems to be a Sam Smith influence on this one — would you agree?

Yes definitely, I’m so inspired by Sam Smith’s music and just love the goosebumps feeling I’ve always got from their music so I’ve definitely brought in my own twist on it.

mimi webb interview

What can you tell us about the concept of the video?

It’s inspired by a very realistic moment that happens to people when they’re at weddings. It’s all shot around a wedding day where there’s a fight and cakes thrown and just a few funny moments but wrapped around this really awkward moment with me and a past love.

Has there been anyone that has reached out to you about your music that has come by surprise?

Yeah, a lot of my old school friends have reached out and just general people I haven’t seen in years. It’s been so much fun though! I’m so grateful for the reaction everyone’s been having to my success so far.

What’s it been like launching your career and it taking off in the middle of the pandemic?

It was so crazy, you just don’t know what to expect or where it’s going to head. With people being at home, they have more time to listen to music and more time to think about what they love. I think that really helped my kind of music and it’s obviously very emotional and powerful, so it’s the perfect time for that genre of music to kick in. It was so crazy just to see people’s reactions and how active people were.

You’ve got a number of sold-out concerts coming up. What can people expect when coming to see you?

For the first show, it’s going to be very intimate and obviously, there are COVID restrictions so we’ve had to social distance with that one. I’m excited to have that one-on-one with the audience and have people get to know me from the stage. My next shows are going to be crazy. Big band, visuals, we’re going to go proper big with that one. I’m really excited.

What’s next? Are you already planning the next single? Is an EP/album already on the cards?

Right now, we’re just doing the singles. I think there will be a body of work, maybe by the end of the year. I think we’ll have an EP kind of vibe. Depending on when we’re ready to release that, we’ve got visuals ready for it and all that kind of stuff together. With all the songs I’ve got, it’s going to get to the point where I’m going to want to release it all.

mimi webb interview

So far, your songs have been very cohesive. Is the EP going to be a continuation of that sound or can your fans expect you experimenting with more sounds?

Yeah, there are a few darker pop sounds. It will cover the different chapters of the heartbreak. It’s all very emotional and big and powerful but there will definitely be more elements of pop where it’s a little bit more fun or dark, depending on where I’m at in life.

Are there any collaborations in the works or are you happy just releasing on your own for now?

I’m just releasing songs by me at the moment. I’m loving just being able to have that time. I would love to do some collaborations, that would be amazing. It’s just making sure I do at the right time and right place.

Has there been anyone’s music that has helped you get through the pandemic? Who have you been listening to this past year?

Lots of Olivia Rodrigo, love her! Tate McRae, she’s completely smashed it in lockdown. She was definitely a massive inspiration, especially with TikTok, she’s absolutely smashed it on there.

Is there anything you would like to achieve by the end of the year?

I had a massive list of things I wanted to do and I’m so grateful that there have been quite a few that have been ticked off. My shows are a massive thing for me. I want every show to sell out if they can *laughs* I want to meet as many fans as I can. I would love to do more events, so I can really sink myself into the industry and really do every opportunity that comes my way.