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Mae Muller

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Undeniably cool and contagiously spunky, Mae Muller is music’s ultimate edgy teenage dream. The North London native turned pop princess is taking on chart domination with a voice like velvet and style laced with plenty of gold chains. Beneath her smile is a hilariously clever lyricist; in classic Virgo fashion, Muller’s words are perfectly crafted as equal parts witty and unmistakably honest. Lucky for us, the singer’s discography is already packing empowering anthems — it’s the poetic punch to get you through even the wildest of girls’ nights.

Like a feverishly fierce girl-next-door, Muller is the best friend we all need to be inducted into our squads. “When [fans] listen to my music, I want them to feel free and not judged. I think the most important thing to know is that you can be outspoken and say what’s on your mind, and you should do it without having any fear. And I hope my music urges people to do that in their own life,” she says in an exclusive interview with EUPHORIA.

mae muller
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A true hype-woman, Muller’s music radiates a sense of liberation able to unleash an inner badass tucked away in even the quietest of voices. Always authentic, each track feels like a page ripped out of her personal diary — and the catharsis is real. “When people listen to my music, I’m not that bothered about how ‘amazing’ they think I am at singing. It’s the message. I want them to really come away and be like, ‘I feel good about myself! I feel like I can go and do that thing that I may have been doubting.’”

While many artists took a hiatus mid-pandemic, Muller clocked in endless hours promoting her 2020 EP no one else not even you. Between multiple music videos, acoustic performances, live covers, and “behind the music” style bits, the songstress built quite the reputation for herself as a savage musical prowess. She’s electric working the microphone and even more vibrant while striking the stage. (Rightfully) eager to usher in a new era, Muller has already announced a 14-date European Tour set for 2022. “THIS IS NOT A DRILL I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! I AM FINALLY GOING ON TOUR” she tells her 100,000+ followers on Instagram. I, for one, can concur with the excitement.

“I’m going to try to do a little choreo! A little choreography!” she says boasting a smile and bounce in her voice. “I’m going to put in a bit of effort in that area! But honestly, I’m just going to talk to [my fans]. I cannot wait. Just me and them and having a chat. I love doing that. I love the audience interaction. That’s something that I really, really miss. So there’s going to be plenty of that.”

A pop star on the rise, it’s truly only a matter of time before her name is across every international marquee as a chart-topping radio regular. Muller’s latest single, “Therapist,” already depicts her vast trajectory, the track being her most streamed song to date. The work impressively surpassed the acclaimed standouts “dependent” and “so annoying” at an unprecedented rate. If anything, the star has absolutely obliterated any traditional expectations set upon new musicians; instead, she’s leaping miles forward to her own accord.

Discussing what lies ahead on Muller’s voyage towards superstardom, she’s sure to emphasize the multitude of layers to the music. Heralding in a fresh chapter, the singer describes her coming projects as “a broader version” of the artist we know. “A lot of my music is sassy, which is great! But that is just one side. So I’m definitely showing different emotions and I’m thinking a little deeper — and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I think before I was almost scared to go to delve deeper into the pop world, and I think ‘dependent’ was such a good way to transition into that. I love pop, and I want to focus more on the world of it.”

mae muller
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The self-described “sassy” starlet has taken on a uniquely hype, empowering persona differentiating herself from a good singer to a great singer. Muller is a true star, dignified and playful in a way that makes her infectiously appealing. She’s the type to let you borrow a dress before a night out, bring you to the center of the dance floor, and offer lip gloss during a bathroom touch-up. Muller’s musical stronghold is ­largely based on her personality shining as bold as the tunes she releases. That said, can we expect the same freeing, spirited tracks for the future?

“I think all my music kind of is under the same umbrella, so there’s always going to be little bits from the past. But I think sonically, the [upcoming] music sounds way more elevated. And now I’m making music, I’m not so afraid of not being a big, strong person — because I’m not all the time! That would be a lie to make music about me only feeling great and feeling sexy. So, it’s about seeing a different side, really.”

mae muller

With vulnerability being the crux of Muller’s new cycle, there’s an obvious thrill that comes with imagining her upcoming projects. Already fed with so many quirks and foot-tapping beats, her music holds infinite possibilities. Freshly broken heart? She’s got a track for that. In need of a midnight jam session? Just hit play. Looking for a confidence boost? Muller is a definite blast. She emphasizes, “there’s a song for everything. I love having songs people can just feel any emotion to. I think my favorite thing is getting ready to go out or getting your makeup on and having that playlist. That’s such important music to me. But whatever the weather, whatever you’re feeling, I have a song for that!”

The diverse artist Muller is, it’s no wonder she’s been linked to some of the greatest names in feminine music from Little Mix to K-pop starlet Rosé (check out her cover of “Gone”). Perhaps it’s the plethora of “girl boss” energy she’s been doused in that’s prepared Muller for her reign as pop royalty. Muller’s magical aura is unmatched, and yet we’ve also merely scratched the surface of her abilities. Curious to know who’s currently inspiring her spirit? Goddesses only, of course.

“I love Ashe. I think she’s great and an amazing storyteller. I think Maisie Peters is amazing, I love Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion — women that are different and have such great stories to tell — and tell them in such an amazing way. I just love storytellers. That’s my thing. I want to get immersed in their world and whatever they’re feeling. That’s my favorite thing, and I think they’re all really great at doing that.”

mae muller
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But being a female powerhouse doesn’t come easy. Muller offers invaluable advice to her fellow dynamic women on their individual, worthy journeys. “Don’t ever feel like you’re taking up too much space,” she affirms. “Don’t be afraid to say what you think; your opinion is valid, extremely valid, and don’t fear expressing that. Something I’m still learning today is that when you’re not happy with something, say it, because you’re not doing anything wrong by saying, ‘No, I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t do that’ because it’s your life and your journey.” Right on, Mae! Simply put: “You’re only going to benefit yourself if you say how you feel.”

With a mentality as strong as her vocals, Muller’s break into main pop-girl status is imminent. Putting in the work to establish herself as a force to be reckoned with, her efforts are consistently noticed by fans and critics alike. She’s the physical embodiment of the law of attraction, always exhibiting positivity and light. If you receive the energy you give, this rising star has immeasurable love and happiness coming her way.

Effortlessly able to connect with fans on a personal level, it’s been exceptionally special to reminisce on memories from live shows. Amid the world’s concert drought at the hands of the pandemic, one particularly unforgettable moment revolves are her song, “Dick.” She laughs, “It’s obviously self-explanatory, and whenever I perform it live, it’s just so funny hearing the crowd scream those lyrics back to me. It’s just such a funny, one-in-a-million situation! I’m on stage with thousands of people screaming ‘dick!’ at me — it’s just so funny. That’s really a live moment that I miss.”

mae muller
Dress & Gloves: Kim Shui | Shoes: Nike

Tickets to her European escapade are on sale now. “I miss being immersed in that energy. Whenever we can go back, I’m going to be hitting every gig. I don’t even care if I’ve never heard of the artist. I’m going!”

Same here, Mae! And if we’re making our way into a Harry Styles show, you’ll definitely catch her having a blast in the crowd. “I love ‘Cherry’ — it makes me cry and I just think the lyrics are so beautiful,” she mentions bashfully. “I think ‘Sunflower’ is my second one. That’s like my kitchen cooking song, and ‘Fine Line’ is if I want to cry. I love a good cry!” And it’s this same relatable, humorous guise weaving so seamlessly into the woman we know as “Mae Muller.” Nothing short of an authentic, witty, and prolific visionary, she’s proven her rapid rise up the musical ranks is well deserved. Muller may be your new favorite artist, but the singer is also your best friend, dance partner, and big sister all wrapped up in a single diamond-encrusted package.

In one word? She’s “A-mae-zing.”