Boy, bye! Rising pop star Allegra is back with her track of 2021, “Used to Miss You.” Taking influence from the disco tradition and mixing it with on-the-pulse house beats and topping it off with Allegra’s smooth and sassy vocal performance, “Used to Miss You” is truly the kiss-off track of the Gen Z generation. Allegra takes on a darker and more mature role than she has in the past, pointing towards the personal and professional growth from this young star in-the-making.

We chatted with her about creating “Used to Miss You,” her goals for the year, and so much more. Check it out when you keep reading.

Hi Allegra! How are you doing today?

I’m doing very well, thank you! Excited things are going back to normal.

How were you feeling in the run-up to “Used to Miss You”? What feedback were you getting?

I’ve honestly never felt so excited for a release! This single is very personal to me. I think a lot of people will see a different side of me. The response has been so positive and I have to say my family aren’t sick of it yet — I’m always blasting it out on my speaker!

What was it that first empowered you to cut off the toxic person you’re singing about on this track? 

Well I just came to terms that this person wasn’t willing to give me the same energy that I was giving him. It’s hard wanting to give your all when they won’t do the same for you and I had to detach from this person because of that.

How did it feel watching the award ceremonies this year? Something to aim for now that you’re making your own music?

It felt so empowering and inspirational as there are so many new up and coming artists in the industry now. It makes me want to push myself even more as I hope to be on that stage one day.

Who are your role models? Musical or otherwise.

Beyoncé has always been my role model. She was my first-ever concert and watching her on stage just made me want to carry out the same energy on stage. To connect with fans on such a different level. Music is so powerful and people connect through it.

You sang with Leona Lewis when you were 15! Can you tell us a bit about how that came about? And what kind of effect did it have on you at the time?

I know, it’s still crazy to think about. I was at a private event that she was performing at and she asked if I wanted to sing her hit “Bleeding Love” with her. As a little girl I was screaming because she’s someone I watched on my TV. I will never get over that experience with her.

What do you hope to achieve this year? Career-wise or otherwise.

I hope to release a lot more music and for people to really get to know me. It’s been hard with the pandemic but I’m not a little girl anymore! I’m an artist who knows what she wants. I just want to sing and dance on stage and for my fans to join me.