The Sheepdogs
Photo: Mat Dunlap / Press

The Sheepdogs — Keep On Loving You

This is the Canadian rockers' first music in over three years.

The rock and roll sons of Saskatchewan, Canada, are back with their first track in over three years. On the heels of their six studio albums, The Sheepdogs served up their early bid for song of the summer consideration, “Keep On Loving You,” heading off the pre-order campaign for their third EP, titled No Simple Thing, which is slated to grace our eardrums May 28.

The EP represents the band’s first long-form summer release in 10 years, as 2011’s Five Easy Pieces went on to chart in the top 20 in both the United States and Canada. The EP will look to continue the band’s streak of top 15 chartings in Canada, which currently sits at five straight projects.

Despite hailing from up North, the track’s smooth, Southern influences are comme il faut for the Canadian rockers, who find a way to sonically land comfortably nestled between The Glorious Sons and The Tragically Hip. Words pertaining to a loving relationship are shrouded by what appears to be a three-guitar harmony and jaunty keys. Vocal harmonies that the group has become known for are ever present, by way of each band member — a nice touch, that plays very well in their live shows.

Somehow finding a way to be upbeat and chill all in one fell swoop, the track screams buzzing down the highway with the windows down on a warm summer day, while also hitting criteria points for a dinner party playlist.

Of having new music out in the world, front man Ewan Currie said in a press release, “Recording together during the pandemic was like finding a life raft after floating in the ocean for 90 days. We were itching to play music and above all else some human interaction. We missed the brotherly spirit the five of us have when we get together to jam. I hope folks get a lift from ‘Keep on Loving You.’ In times of trouble or sadness, we can find comfort and solace in what is my personal holy trinity: family, friends and rock ‘n roll.”