Almost Monday
Photo: Cole Ferguson / Press

Almost Monday — This Is Growing Up

The alternative-pop San-Diego based group Almost Monday hits all the feels with their newest release “This Is Growing Up.” 

Members, Luke Fabry (bass/keyboards) and Dawson Daugherty (vocals) grew up together and after a by-chance encounter between Daugherty and Cole Clisby (guitar) at the beach, they formed a bond. Further down the road, the trio shared their love for music for fun as they organically built an irreplaceable friendship. 

Almost Monday officially launched in their college years and are inspired by everyone from Prince to David Bowie. They carefully refined their own trademark style and built up a fanbase by playing a series of D.I.Y. shows. 

Everything changed when a representative from Hollywood Records was present at one of their shows and showed an interest in the trio. They were signed in 2019 and a string of singles came in 2020, including the highly successful “Broken People,” which has received over 21 million audio and video streams thus far. 

Their debut EP Don’t Say You’re Ordinary shortly followed in October 2020, with the previously released singles including a Sofi Tukker remix of “Broken People,” which heightened the popularity of the track even further. 

“This Is Growing Up” is a feel-good, nostalgic anthem that makes you reflect on the next stages of life, post-graduation. 

The band tells EUPHORIA., “This was a track we sat on for a long time and it finally felt like the right time for us to put it out. We wanted to write something anybody at any time in their life could relate to. We never really stop growing up, only continue to learn and move forward.” 

The track features sleek production and a bouncy pop beat. 

“This is growing up/ And I found myself again/ Coming back to play pretend/ It’s so easy to be young/ But I’m changin’ / This is growing up,” sums the idea of growing up perfectly. 

The idea of growing up and getting older is nerve-wracking. You are embedded with the idea that in order to feel fulfilled, one must have a job.  There are days where you miss being young and having no worries like paying the bills on time. We are stuck in this cycle of working 24/7 that we tend to forget it’s OK to take breaks and do a little self-care. 

This is your reminder to enjoy the little things. Enjoy your college years with every ounce with your soul. Don’t let adult life stress you out too much. If you’re feeling stuck, you will be OK. You will make it through the most difficult times.