French Fries and Margarita

French Fries and Margarita

Touching down from another planet, French Fries and Margarita is a truly compelling and confounding non-binary artist who is just as likely to prompt a debate about gender as a debate about who they’re wearing. Debut single “Crimes Against Nature” was an indictment of close-mindedness, and a love letter to love, in all shapes and sizes. We caught up with the blossoming new artist to find out more.

Hey FFM! How are you doing today?

I feel like I can eat some strawberries and bananas in public and feel-good thanks.

What has the reception for “Crimes Against Nature” been like so far? 

It has been amazing to watch what feels like my newborn baby to grow! Many queer individuals are accepting this song as their national anthem. In general, productional aesthetics of the songs just make you want to move softly. I’m very pleased and honored with the outcome.

What were your musical influences when writing the track?

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and Madonna’s “Vogue” are my biggest influences, I would say. Likewise, lyrically the historical meaning of the term is one of the core influences as well

Your image and visual elements are clearly very important to you. Can you tell us a bit more about your image and why you chose it?

There is never a general image. I can be classy, and at the same time, very extravagant. I can be traditional but at the same time, a big cyber fan. My visual aesthetics are influenced by various artists and fashion designers in the industry. Some of the names are Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Jean Paul Gaultier , Coco Chanel. My creative director, David Oldenburg, and I try to keep the balance between traditional visual aesthetics and the contemporary high-fashion approach 

What’s next for French Fries and Margarita?

It is Important to keep spreading the message “my love is free.” I’m working on more songs. I want to make people feel classy and erotic, sophisticated and shabby at the same time.