Hoshi — Spider

Hoshi, known best as a member of the self-produced and all-rounder group SEVENTEEN, has just released his solo debut single, “Spider” — and yes, it’s a hit! 

Seeing as SEVENTEEN are industry leaders when it comes to pushing the boundaries with their sound, it’s no surprise that Hoshi has released a track that does just that as well. “Spider” gives us the chance to take a deeper look into who he is as a soloist, and with it, his unparalleled personal style shines even brighter.

Credited as the main writer, composer and choreographer for the single, you can tell that Hoshi was confident in the vision he wanted to tell with “Spider.” Alongside his team (which includes fellow SEVENTEEN member and producer Woozi), he crafted a song that highlights his ability to master any style of music. Genre wise, it’s a mix of everything — pop with hints of funk and even dance elements are weaved throughout, giving the song an exciting feel as it progresses from start to finish.

In terms of lyrics, “Spider” described to Teen Vogue the experience of not being able to escape the “magnetic and deadly charms” of someone so much, that you end up feeling trapped — like a creature stuck in a spider’s web. The song begins with Hoshi pleading, “Let me out / Somebody help (somebody help me) / Somebody help (somebody help me).” From these first lines, listeners are pulled in, having no choice but to pay attention to the words that follow. In the chorus, the hypnotizing elements of the song reach its peak, with a bass-heavy instrumentation accompanying Hoshi’s crisp vocals.  

In the music video for “Spider,” an array of visuals also come together. With piercing makeup looks, detailed choreography, and multiple outfit changes, the video perfectly encapsulates the feelings of the song’s lyrics. With all this in mind, “Spider” is truly a wonderful introduction to Hoshi’s solo work. This single is surely just the beginning of a handful of surprises that he and the rest of SEVENTEEN will unveil later this year and beyond.