Yuki Dreams Again
Photo: William Arcand / Press

Yuki Dreams Again — Pretty Face

With summer approaching and the days getting warmer, Montreal-based artist Yuki Dreams Again has released a single that is perfect for driving on a sunny day with all the windows down. “Pretty Face” has an easy-going, yet catchy beat, in which he sings about letting go of people who are no longer significant in your life, something he had to personally go through as well. 

When describing the song he shared in a press release, “I made this song to inspire people to leave anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself. I came to the realization that when you surround yourself with the right people and you let go of anyone that is toxic for you, you make room for better things to happen in your life. I always wanted to write on that particular topic, I feel like the ‘cool kids’ take so much place in everybody’s mind when they shouldn’t be. The real cool is people who make you feel good about yourself and help you grow without judgment.”

The 23-year-old artist blends in electronic, alt-pop, and R&B melodies within his tracks, allowing him to stand out amongst his peers. Produced using old-school R&B samples mixed in with a simple trap beat, the instrumental for “Pretty Face” was born. “I generally record and make music in a studio, but with COVID my setup has been in my apartment for a minute,” he tells EUPHORIA. “The night I made the song, my friend Soran sent me the instrumental and I was so pumped to write on it that I recorded the whole thing in one night.”

This track is from his upcoming EP Together Alone, which is dropping on June 23. His previous single, “Cold World,” came out in March, another bop that defies being boxed into one single genre. It’s no wonder that Yuki Dreams Again would want to blend in and infuse so many different sounds and genres together. Over the years, he’s been exposed to an abundance of music, such as jazz, which he learned about from his grandfather, jazz icon Charlie Biddle.

He tells us, “That combination gives birth to a unique bounce and an original feel leaving a ton of space for my vocals. I wanted to create a bouncy song that makes you wanna get up from your chair and put yourself first.”