Paris Jackson and The Struts
Photo: Cameron Nunez and Harri Charli / Press

The Struts — Low Key in Love (ft. Paris Jackson)

No one is doing it like The Struts right now. The British glam rock band has a sound just as at home on rock radio as it would be on a pop playlist, and it seems to attract anyone with an ear for the prima donna aesthetic. Frontman Luke Spiller knows how to command an audience, from the feathery mullet hairdo to the rich, baritone voice. Their latest track “Low Key in Love” was inspired by a date night out at a bar where Spiller said in a press release he was simply taken in by harmonious vibe of just being out with someone who you enjoy.

On that fateful night, Spiller had the good fortune of seeing a live performance from indie pop artist Paris Jackson. Her vocals stuck with him and so when it came time to record the song, he reached out to her on Instagram. As luck would have it, Jackson had been a fan of the band since The Struts opened for Mötley Crüe back in 2015.

With Jackson’s lush, natural vocals contrasted with Spiller’s unique, gritty sound, the song straddles the line between soft-hearted love song and true rock-and-roll spirit. Just as with Queen or the Rolling Stones, The Struts bring something unique to popular music among all of the bass mixes rampant in 2021. “Low Key in Love” is just the latest in a string of successful collaborations including several with Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Joe Elliot from Def Leppard, and even Kesha on a remix of their iconic “Body Talks.”

The Struts have proven since “Body Talks” that they are something far beyond a one-hit wonder, and with each new hit, their fanbase has kept watching, wondering what latest vibe is going to become the newest earworm.