St. Vincent
Photo: Zackery Michael / Press

St. Vincent — The Melting of the Sun

Noted Texas songstress St. Vincent dropped the second taste of her upcoming seventh album, titled Daddy’s Home. The new track, titled “The Melting of the Sun,” comes a month after the lead single off the record graced our eardrums. In a piece with The Four-Five last month, the 38-year-old divulged that the record would touch on the feelings experienced when her dad was released from prison two years ago, after a nine-year stay for financial crimes. “My father’s release from prison is a great starting point, right?” she said of the album’s concept in the piece. Daddy’s Home is slated to hit music shop shelves on May 14.

St. Vincent also served as the musical guest on the April 3 edition of Saturday Night Live on NBC.

The release was coupled with a lyric video, in which St. Vincent herself appears as the sun, with lyrics appearing in the water below her.

Off the hop, the track alludes to an awkward evening of events including the missing of a party and the crashing of a corvette. The rough times continue down the stretch, she sings of icons including Joni Mitchell and Marilyn Monroe, “Saint Joni ain’t no phony / Smoking reds where Furry sang the blues / My Marilyn shot her heroin / “Hell,” she said, “It’s better than abuse.”

One Interesting note is the continuation of deliberate motifs between “The Melting of the Sun” and album single number one, “Pay Your Way in Pain,” which also mentions the sun melting. Definitely more on that front as the album continues to take shape. Fitting for an an artist who recently was added to the instructional video series Masterclass.

The highlight of the track for me is the rhyming of the name “Nina” with the word “subpoenaed,” in the bridge, which is odd while fitting the sonic topography of the track like a glove.