Little Simz

Little Simz — Introvert

The world of Little Simz is heavily characterized by dynamic, candid expression. It consists of honest critique and self-evaluation that define the UK rapper’s DNA while maintaining universality. She’s spent several years crafting this world, notably with her award-winning 2019 album, GREY Area, and last year’s EP, Drop 6. Now she’s back, pulling us into her deepest introspections yet again with her new single, “Introvert.” 

The six-minute track takes us through a searing flow, barely giving us enough time to strap in and brace for impact. “The kingdom’s on fire, the blood of a young messiah / I see sinners in a church, I see sinners in a church,” Simz asserts in the opening bars. “Sometimes I might be introvert / There’s a war inside, I hear battle cries.” What follows is a high-speed exploration of her thoughts on faith, social justice, political corruption, and grappling with success amid a quest for peace. Theatrical brass instruments and a resounding drumline underscore her pointed words, prompting a sense of urgency.

A charged song such as “Introvert” requires an equally stirring music video, which Simz and director Salomon Ligthelm masterfully delivered. The visual captures the zeitgeist of today’s social climate as the Top Boy star unpacks her lyrics, surrounded by dancers in London’s Natural History Museum. Shots of the troupe are spliced with flickers of historical artworks, as well as archival and present-day footage featuring demonstrations from the civil rights and social justice movements. 

The video also includes representations of Black familial bonds and fellowship. “I’m a Black woman, and I’m a proud one,” Simz declares. “We walk in blind faith not knowing the outcome / But as long as we’re unified, then we’ve already won.”

According to Simz, the song is primarily an internal processing of her experiences. “‘Introvert’ is essentially me finding power within my introversion,” she told i-D magazine. “Turning inwards and finding peace within myself amongst all the chaos that’s happening in the world; just trying to centre myself, ground myself, and ask myself real and honest questions in order to grow.”

“Introvert” is the first release from Simz’s upcoming album, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert. The project, which is set to drop on Sept. 3 via Age 101, includes features from London-born R&B singer Cleo Sol and Nigerian artist Obongjayar. Pre-save the LP here.