Litany and Oscar Scheller

Litany & Oscar Scheller — Playlist

Yorkshire alt-pop singer/songwriter Litany (Beth Cornell) and producer turned pop star Oscar Scheller teamed up for vibey “Playlist,” a funky bedroom tune that will have you singing along after the first listen. Inspired by a real playlist Litany got sent by what can only be interpreted as a romantic pursuant, the new track showcases a playful dialog between Cornell and Scheller regarding the hidden meaning behind the order of the tracks and particular selection of said playlist.

On the process of creating the song, Cornell explained in a press release, “We wrote this song a couple sessions deep after I told him that I was obsessing over this playlist a dude sent to me and felt I was looking for hidden messages, like, ‘OMG, does he love me ‘cos the first song is ‘Girl Like You’ by Edwin Collins?’ But Oscar was like, ‘There’s the song right there.’”

With such a relatable theme — because, who hasn’t received a playlist that has left them spiraling to decipher the possible secret meaning or meanings behind it — the collaboration showcases Cornell’s incredible ease to generate catchy melodies and Scheller’s ability to construct a simple yet flowy production bed to highlight their smooth and tender voices.

Having worked with the likes of Charli XCX, Ashnikko, Rina Sawayama, and Lily Allen, Scheller not only has the experience but also the ear to recognize good, honest, and unapologetic talent, which is why it’s not surprising he collaborated with Litany as she is proving to be a diamond in the rough.

On the collab process, Scheller said in a press release, “First of all, I’m constantly laughing with Beth. It’s been that way from the get-go. And I’m always floored by how effortless she is with her melodies, lyrics, and storytelling. It’s so great to have a collaboration with my friend. 90% of our time in the studio is just us chatting shit, doing impersonations, and messing about. But that remaining 10% is all we need to make a great tune.”

With a video directed by Donny Johnson that sees both Litany and Scheller sharing their POV before meeting at the playground, the bright tune is the perfect song to blast at the park on a sunny spring day.