Dove Cameron
Photo: Jasper Soloff / Press

Dove Cameron — LazyBaby

Dove Cameron, the frontrunner of self-expression, has returned with a freshly painted masterpiece — the pure pop perfection, certified bop that is “LazyBaby.” The track is a symphony of upbeat emotions, tired eyerolls, and pulsating disco beats, and it is described by Cameron in her Synchronicity Interview Series as a post-breakup song that was “going to get me up in the morning and allow me to do my laundry…and not feel like I’m gonna collapse into a pile of nothing.” Well, from the pile of nothing, she has risen, more confident in her own power than ever. 

A laugh opens this track, a laugh that is so distinctly Cameron — breathy and full of sarcastic, sugar-sweet enthusiasm. Then, the funkiest electric guitar starts, as the original retro beat remains, and that familiar coloratura soprano voice kicks in. Taking us on a journey through what seems like the process of confronting her lover who is too “lazy” to love her in the manner she so rightfully deserves. The chorus is worthy of being screamed at the top of your lungs on a hot summer drive to the beach: “Lazy baby / I ain’t playin’ / Time to get up / Ain’t measuring up / Uber lady’s outsidе waiting / If you don’t give a fuck / Then I don’t give a fuck / Gеt gone.”

“LazyBaby” seems predestined to become the next hit of what is hopefully a very real summer. 

The accompanying music video is a fantasyland in which Cameron is shimmering in bright combinations of outfits and wigs, each more triumphant than the last, which harkens back to her love of performing. These looks are interpolated by the most stunning shots of Cameron’s eyes and lips, all dipped in golden glitter. The decision to pair a more narrative song with such shining visuals is the perfect way to show that Cameron has arrived at her apex — more empowered and confident than ever as she waves goodbye to that which is not good enough for her, taking control of the narrative she has let other people write for her. The video is directed by the spectacular Jasper Soloff. 

Not only is the song destined to live amongst Cameron’s discography as both a turning point to a more triumphant persona, but the video deserves a class all on its own — it creates a sort of tender intimacy within the fierce optimism and relentless positivity of “LazyBaby.”

This song seems to stem from the nature of its creators and creates a full-circle moment for Cameron. After having fallen hard into the depths of melancholia, she’s here to prove she’s returned back to the top — where she’s seemingly content to stay.