STAYC girls, it’s going down! Known as an all-center, all-main vocal group, STAYC are one of the most exciting fourth generation K-pop groups to debut in the past year.

The girls — Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J — were first introduced to the world last November with their first single album Star to a Young Culture. The album’s two songs, “LIKE THIS” and “SO BAD,” became instant favorites amongst fans, with title track “SO BAD” even earning a spot as one of the highest charting songs from a 2020 rookie group on the MelOn Daily Chart after its release.

And while STAYC haven’t had the chance to perform or greet fans in person yet, the amount of love they’ve received so far is undeniable. Alongside their ever-growing and supportive fanbase, SWITH, the sky is the limit for what the group can achieve. Whether it be through appearances, performances, or other online activities, STAYC continue to spread good energy wherever they go, all the while releasing music for people around the world to enjoy.

Now, just five months after their debut, STAYC have returned with their first ever comeback — second single album STAYDOMLed by the catchy and addictive title track “ASAP,” plus two other new songs and a remixed version of the already iconic “SO BAD,” the album finds the group exploring different sides of themselves. It’s a colorful and bright concept, and one that displays the members’ array of talents in both a refreshing and seamless way.

We recently had the chance to ask STAYC a few questions about their new album STAYDOM, their career thus far, inspirations, and more.

Hi girls, congratulations, it’s your first ever comeback! How are you all feeling about STAYDOM finally being released?

Sumin: I’m excited and nervous about our second album, STAYDOM. I want to deliver a lot of positive energy through this album as well.

As a group who only debuted a few months ago, what has been the most exciting part about working together as a team?

Seeun: I found other sides of each member that I did not know before the debut. I found what each member likes and more. As I am always staying with the members, I didn’t know well about each member in detail. But I kept thinking of our members whenever I was alone, and when I realized what each member likes, I felt that I was thinking of them a lot without knowing it.

What was it like filming the video for your new title track “ASAP”? Were there any challenging parts of the shoot?

Isa: It felt much more comfortable and easy compared to “SO BAD,” our debut song, because it was our second time filming a music video. The most difficult things were expressing the concept of the song directly with gestures or facial expressions in the music video.

How do you feel you’ve improved as a group since the release of your first album last year?

Sieun: I would say we have more responsibility as artists. We prepared this album by thinking about what difference it could make from the first album, what message to convey with this album, and how to show a more improved image than the last album. Therefore, it seems we consider and think more as an artist perspective and I feel we matured at least a little in this aspect. Also, I think we have learned more than before about how we can make it look better to the public not only as a team, but also as each member’s perspective.

Sumin, what’s been the most rewarding part about being the leader of STAYC?

Sumin: Whenever the teamwork of STAYC is recognized.

If you could describe STAYC to new fans in one word, what word would you choose?

J: Fresh.

What or who inspired each of you to pursue a career in music? Is music something you’ve always wanted to do from a young age?

Sumin: I was influenced a lot by the songs that I listened to when I was young. Initially, I did not want to become a singer, but when I was cast, I had a clear goal to become a singer because the person from the rookie development team who cast me helped me to be an artist. My goal to become a singer has been highly influenced by watching Girls’ Generation and 2NE1. Furthermore, my music style is influenced by Bebe Rexha, Zara Larsson, and Little Mix.

Sieun: For me, it is IU. I have been a long time fan of IU, and she is my role model who I really respect. I really respect her and I wish to learn about the way she takes good care of the people around her, the way she interacts with fans and the public with sincerity, and the way she improves and develops herself.

Isa: I really like and enjoy listening to songs by Jorja Smith, Kiana Ledé, and Dean. I have been dreaming of being a singer by listening to various kinds of songs.

Seeun: For me, it is TAEYEON from Girls’ Generation. Initially I did not think about becoming a singer, but after I became a trainee by good chance, I had been touched and consoled by her songs whenever I was having a tough time. With this, I swore to myself to become a singer like her and move myself forward to become a singer.

Yoon: For me, I get inspired by watching TV. Watching the senior singers on TV, I thought I wanted to dance and sing on the stage as well. And when I was young, I had many dreams, so I have learned this and that. Among them, music-related things are the most fun and fit me well.

J: My dad let me listen to many songs since I was a kid, and I started singing along naturally and gradually grew my dream of becoming a singer.

If you each had to pick a favorite song off the new album, which would it be and why?

Yoon: For me, it is “SO WHAT.” When I had a lot of thoughts or worries, I was healed a lot while listening to this song. Everyone has a lot of thoughts at times, or there are times when our mind is complicated. I would like to recommend this song in those cases.

Outside of group schedules, what do you all like to do to relax or have fun?

Seeun: I really care about sleep, so when I feel tired, I get enough sleep, and when I am doing my hobby, I watch a lot of movies and dramas.

What can SWITHs expect from STAYC in the future? Do you have any messages you’d like to leave for them?

Sumin: I hope SWITHs get consoled with our own fresh and healthy music, and SWITHs to be healthy in body and mind, so I would like to meet you guys all in person as soon as possible.