Zoe Zobrist
Photo: Ashley Osborn / Press

Zoe Zobrist — Fade Away

Angel musician Zoe Zobrist’s new single “Fade Away” will have you fading into your feelings as you melt away in memories. Her glistening voice over the acoustic guitar fill us with all the feelings. The moody indie artist sings, “I’ve given up on comfortable, I’m letting go, I’m tired of holding on to yesterday.” A line reminiscent of her, as she put it, “abrupt” move from Dallas to LA. She encourages us to take the chances we’re getting, no matter how hard it may seem. She has us all wondering: are we not doing things because it’s not right for us or are we just afraid of change?

The music video for “Fade Away” is like a scrapbook of her past, filled with old photos of friends, family, cats in suitcases. Her music is like diary entries, the recently engaged singer-songwriter lets un into her musical heart as she shares with us the changes in her own life. “Fade Away” is a note to self and note to us. Don’t fade away. We’re too big for that. We got to talk to Zobrist about her diary-like style, the changes in her life and writing her new single “Fade Away.”

What was the transition from Dallas to LA like? What did you carry with you to California?

It was an abrupt transition. I came to LA for a writing session and ended up deciding to stay and rent out a room that I found for a great price. I think it’s so important to take leaps like that when opportunities present themselves.

Where did the inspiration behind “Fade Away” come from? What was the process like?

“Fade Away” is about growing pains and healing as you work your way to and from different chapters in your life. It’s about looking toward something better while also embracing the process that it takes to get there. I recorded the song in a live-room setting, just me playing and singing. I’m really happy with how natural it sounds.

Tell me about the photos in the music video.

I’m currently in Savannah, GA, and between the pandemic and not having much of a network out here, I wanted to create a visual that felt nostalgic and handmade. I am a big fan of Polaroids so I compiled a bunch I’d taken and hand wrote and scanned the lyrics.

What music did you grow up on and what do you listen to now?

I grew up listening to my dad’s classic rock records. I also spent a lot of time doing musical theater. Now, I listen to lots of indie, folk, and alternative, but I still listen to quite a bit of classic rock.

What has been inspiring you nowadays? Where do you go and what do you do when you’re looking for it?

I’ve just been navigating all of the massive changes in my life. This past year was obviously wild for everyone with the pandemic. I’m recently engaged and my fiance was deployed in Germany for a while so now I’m spending some time in Georgia where he is stationed. I’ve been doing a lot of self work, learning, and healing from childhood traumas, etc. I write my songs from a very diary-like standpoint. It’s my way of communicating and making sense of the world.

If you could be the soundtrack to any TV or movie which would it be?

Garden State or another movie like it! That was the first soundtrack I fell in love with.