Silk Sonic
Photo: Harper Smith / Press

Silk Sonic — Leave the Door Open

The Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak union is the collaboration we didn’t know we needed.

On Feb. 26, an unexpected Instagram post popped up that sent shockwaves through social media. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak announced how they’d recently collaborated on a new musical project. The dynamic duo —who’ve named themselves Silk Sonic — is set to drop a new album titled An Evening With Silk Sonic.

Although there’s been no confirmed release date yet, this didn’t stop them from releasing their first single from the project on Friday. A teaser for what’s yet to come, “Leave the Door Open” is a mesmerizing tune that nods to ’70s smooth soul music. And boy, has it brightened up the year.

Seeing both musicians back in the spotlight is a delight. Mars, who is best known for party-worthy singles including “Uptown Funk” and “24k Magic,” never fails to deliver retro-tinged albums that endure. Meanwhile, Paak deserves all the attention he can get. A powerhouse of a musician, he seamlessly switches between genres such as funk, soul, and R&B (this ability present throughout his 2019 album Ventura). It was only a matter of time before the two would join forces to create something special.

Featuring soaring vocals, an easygoing tempo, and lush instrumentation, “Leave the Door Open” has everything you’d expect from a successful soul single from the past. Tight drum playing mixed with sweeping piano sounds set the song’s uplifting tone. At the same time, a deep, melodic base rises and falls with ease.  Altogether, these rich sounds entice the listener right from the beginning; an experience further elevated by the polished production quality throughout. 

What’s most memorable about the song is the combination of both Mars’s and Paak’s soulful vocals. During the verses, Paak’s charisma shines through his light yet slightly raspy voice. As the song progresses, Mars takes over during the chorus. His famed vocals belt out flirtatious lyrics like “I’ma leave, I’ma leave my door open, girl / (I’ma leave the door open, hopin’) / And I’m hopin’, hopin’ / That you feel the way I feel.”  Without a doubt, these vocal performances tie the entire song together. They ooze seduction and create a romantic atmosphere like no other.

In its totality, “Leave the Door Open” doesn’t feature any sounds we’ve not heard before. But that doesn’t always matter. Musicians don’t always need to push the boundaries when a solid, well-produced track will suffice. Not only is the song an impeccable take on a classic ’70s sound, but the polished arrangement is a real crowd-pleaser. And face it, we could all do with some positivity right now

While we wait for the entire Silk Sonic album to drop, there’s been plenty of speculation over what we can expect to hear from it. Since Bootsy Collins — the legendary Funkadelic bassist — was announced as a special guest star, we’re hoping we’ll come across some funk-heavy tunes too. But for now, let’s just wait and see.