Savannah Sgro
Photo: Phoebe Neily / Press

Savannah Sgro — Until We Drink

It’s time to get excited about this next artist. Savannah Sgro, born in Las Vegas, has an inspiring story. After attending Berklee College of Music for a bit, she made the bold decision to move to Nashville for four years to perfect her songwriting. She recently relocated to Los Angeles and signed a publishing deal with Jaime Zeluck Hindlin.

Sgro defines her genre as sad girl pop and her new single “Until We Drink” proves that. The track defines a budding romance that purely exists when two people drink — in other words, it has to be kept a secret.

The singer captures this feeling of a complicated relationship that many feel all too well. “We never talk about what’s going on / we’re casual / we’re nothing / we’re the farthest thing from love until we drink.”

“Until We Drink” is the perfect scream and sing-a-long song. Sometimes the best thing we need to do is scream and cry to a track such as this one. Relationships can be messy and complicated and music is the best medicine for that.

She first debuted the track on TikTok earlier this month and per usual the app helped the song gain traction with nearly 200K views and 45K likes. There’s nothing but praise for it. The comments under the video range from how relatable it is for many of the viewers.

The accompanying lyric video for “Until We Drink” was self-shot by Sgro and Joey Brodnax and depicts the singer and her friends having a fun night with drinks.

She first started dropping music in November 2018 with a series of solo singles, which led up to her debut EP Phobia. It has accumulated over 35 million streams across all digital platforms.

The songstress has a very promising future ahead of her. “Until We Drink” gives off Taylor Swift vibes. She knows how to be vulnerable, honest, and ooze heartbreak all at once.