Sara Kays

Sara Kays — Picture of You

We live in a time where we are able to capture a moment with just a simple click and have it live forever as a photo in our phones. Hundreds, even thousands of memories stored in a device in our pocket or shared for all our friends to see online. Loads of us also keep these memories as Polaroids, in frames, or even scrapbooks. However, there’s always that one specific photo that makes us say, “I wish I had not been in that, it would look so much better without me in it.”

This is exactly what Nashville-based solo songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player Sara Kays sings about in her new single “Picture of You.” Following the incredible success of her previous single “Remember That Night,” which quickly proved to be a viral sensation and served as a popular introduction for the remarkable young artist, Kays continues to mesmerize fans with her uniquely comforting, cathartic, and catchy songwriting, which features poetic lyricism highlighted by captivating soft melodies.

“Picture of You” opens with a soft piano theme that lays the ground for Kays’ smooth voice to come in and set the nostalgic mood. As the track progresses, she takes the listener through a very vivid lucid dream bringing back specific yet relatable memories until the hook comes with an unexpected dark twist where Kays sings, “I wish I was dead / I wish I took a picture of you instead.” Talking about the track in a press release, Kays explains, “I wrote this song about not wanting to be in pictures all the time because I know I’m not going to like how I look in them. Sometimes I’d rather just keep a memory in my head.”

Having been featured as Billboard’s latest Emerging Artist and Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25, Kays remains one of the most exciting new artists of the year. Needless to say, she has not only captivated the industry gatekeepers, but her music has managed to reach millions thanks to platforms like TikTok, where she’s managed to build a following of over 1.6 million. However, beyond the impressive stats and media praise, Kays has definitely connected with fans in a very deep level by turning her internal struggles into bravely candid acoustic songcraft that captures her personal fears while simultaneously offering listeners relief through relatable storytelling.