ROSÉ — On the Ground

“On the Ground” is the title track off ROSÉ's first solo single album ‘R.’

ROSÉ, best known as a member of the group Blackpink, has already shown audiences that she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s a gifted vocalist and dancer, and she’s performed on countless stages around the world alongside the group’s other members. In her solo work, she plays on these strengths, while also singing about her personal experiences and what she’s learned on her journey as an artist. It’s the first time fans have heard songs composed by her, and the anticipation for her solo debut has been off the charts.

In a Youtube RELEASED interview before “On the Ground” premiered, ROSÉ talked about the song in detail, where she spoke of the premise of the song and its music video. In the music video, audiences can see her present self go back to her “core self” of the past — the childhood home she was raised in, and the big dreams she had when she was younger. These retrospective sentiments ring true throughout the song’s lyrics as she sings in the chorus, “I worked my whole life just to get high, just to realize.” Continuing, “Everything I need is on the / Everything I need is on the ground,” before an electric beat drop.

It’s a message that no matter what you achieve in life, everything you need is already inside of you. The musical world of ROSÉ thus far is grounded, honest, and 100% her. It’s been so nice to see her so happy and proud of herself promoting her work, and in the future it’ll be even more exciting to learn more about who ROSÉ is as she continues to release more songs. Until then, we can all stream her new single album R, featuring “On the Ground” and “Gone,” a song she premiered back in January during Blackpink’s The Show online concert.