Nadia Vaeh

Nadia Vaeh — Spellbinding

Nadia Vaeh just dropped a new single “Spellbinding,” and it is the gothic symphony to your murderous ballet. The music video is exactly that. Vaeh and her dance partner contort around each other all over the place. From lying half on the floor twisted upside down from a chair while a huge tutu grows around her to basking in sunlight in her nude skimpy outfit. Vaeh is serving us all the dark spooky vibes to motivate us to finally cut things loose.

This song is meant to motivate us to break free from our toxic relationships. The strong vocals over medieval action-packed instrumentals have us ready for battle. Vaeh said in a recent press release: “I have always found myself in co-dependent relationships. This song was drawn from the place of really wanting to break free from the “love drug” and learning to focus on loving myself and learning how to have healthy relationships with healthy boundaries.” And in honor of this important sentiment, she will be donating proceeds to Peace Over Violence, a charity that helps women get settled after leaving abusive relationships. We love to hear it.

EUPHORIA. got to talk to the LA-based sing-songwriter about moving cross country, lessons she’s learned, and writing “Spellbinding.”


What was the transition from Atlanta to Los Angeles like? What’s your favorite thing about being in LA?

It was so needed! I had reached a creative and spiritual stagnancy back home. I kept coming out to LA for quick visits and with each trip I felt more and more revived. I was so terrified to make the leap, but more excited than anything. I loaded up my lil Toyota Corolla and hit the road. So glad I did!! There is a lot to love about LA and my most favorite thing has to be the amazing creatives I get to call my friends and chosen family now. The collaborative force here is nice and there is just a lot more opportunity to grow and find your voice as a result.

How long did it take for you to finish “Spellbinding”? What was the process like?

The process was definitely defined by the word “collaboration.”  I co-wrote the song with my girl Daena Rogers. From there, I sent out a demo to my producer Andrew Gomez along with several song references. He nailed the sound we were really wanting and going for. I work very closely with my mixer and mans Tyler Spratt on the final tweaks and production before we send it off to mastering with Paris Minzer. It was in total, probably a six-month process. All well worth it!

What is your advice to people who may be going the same thing as you when it comes to toxic relationships? 

You are not trapped, no matter what you are told.

Abusers can be charming to everyone else, but toxic when behind closed doors and the mental whiplash is real. I would reach out to family and friends and tell those you trust about what is happening to you so they can be grounding forces for you as you pick up the pieces and begin to heal. I would also recommend making a safety plan and exit strategy.  Pack a bag and try to find a safe house if you can. Take a look at your future self and see what your situation could be if you could change it. Also, look at how things would be without the change. It is so difficult to have foresight when you’re in these kinds of situations, but there is a beautiful life waiting for you and more support than you could ever imagine.

Who are some of your musical inspirations? Dream collab?

I am inspired by too many artists to really name, but I’ll rattle off a lil list here: Amy Winehouse, Sia, Hayley Williams, The Veronicas, Pat Benatar, Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion, Foo Fighters, Lacuna Coil, Halsey, Nirvana, Trent Reznor, Glass Animals, Pink. A dream collaboration is comprised of pretty much any of these freakin rock stars!

What got you into music? 

My parents definitely noticed at a young age I had a musical ear (totally from my dad’s side). I would sing around the house a lot as a kid and that led to my mom enrolling me into a traveling youth choir. Having that in my background has definitely come in handy when producing and tracking vocals. Grateful for the choir teachers and mentors I’ve had along the way! From there, I really got into rock and pop/rock and I formed my own band in high school. Several misadventures later, here I am making music my career!

Tell me something you learned this week?

I learned the legend of break a leg before my show the other day.

Once upon a time, before applause was a thing, if the audience stomped their chairs long enough, they would “break a leg.” It is said this term originated during Elizabethan times. It has also been claimed to mean in the audition sense that when one bids you “break a leg,” that they hope that you wind up in a cast! So fun!