FINNEAS and Ashe
Photo: Dana Trippe / Press

FINNEAS & Ashe — Till Forever Falls Apart

FINNEAS and Ashe have once again proven themselves as dynamic pioneers of modern soft-pop as we know it today. “Till Forever Falls Apart” is the first project we’ve heard from the longtime collaborators since 2019; the duo previously joined forces on Ashe’s EPs, Moral of the Story: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 after which the singer found stardom via a feature in Netflix’s To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. The track is a symbol of the pair’s maturity as artists and an oath to their budding legacy as musical soulmates. Their creations simply never miss, and it’s a fascinating sight to watch unfold time after time.

“Till Forever Falls Apart” paints FINNEAS as the master of whimsical, gentle intricacies. Largely known as the brains behind Billie Eilish’s growing deck of smash hits, it’s no secret the producer is able to masterfully layer vocal harmonies and guitar strings into an eruption of angelic sounds. The track cleverly shrinks and swells as listeners waltz from verse to chorus like a rolling wave, just like the “California tide” poetically integrated within the song’s lyrics.

Uniquely capturing love as an all-encompassing force, “Till Forever Falls Apart” creates a much-needed veil of warmth over our chaotic world. It’s a bona fide ballad that offers sentiments to friends, family, and acquaintances alike. Love is in the air, and both FINNEAS and Ashe are celebrating its everyday joys. In an age filled with isolation and solitude, there is no better era for the duo to share such a profound sonic hug.

At any rate, not only is the track a lyrically universal experience, but a timeless tune that will find its way into our children’s playlists (and then our children’s children’s playlists!). “I swear that I’ll be yours forever, till forever falls apart” the pair proudly sings — well, you’ve got us there! The anthem is undoubtedly worthy of jamming the repeat button infinitely. In a statement, Ashe describes the song as a token towards understanding why “it’s more important to have had the chance to love than stay in love.” Isn’t it satisfying when an artist is able to seamlessly communicate their mission with perfect musical composition? The three-minute number is a clear message from the universe: love is always the cure, and it comes in every form.