Photo: Nik Arthur / Press

BAD CHILD — Free Trial

BAD CHILD doesn’t want people to understand him. The genre-bending multi-talented grueling artist overflows into his music. It shows in his new album Free Trial, a title inspired by dating apps and ad culture. A five-year journey he starved for so we could have this 19-track piece of his life. He even adds little interludes that guide us through the album as we sign up for the free trial and fall deeply in love later. The production and flow of this album is one to be applauded. Listen from start to finish.

One of the featured tracks, “$1,000,000,” has a music video out now with nostalgic clips from his past. His strong sultry vocals over bass beats and rock-inspired accumulations of stolen sounds from the city and life itself. The clips bounce and merge into each other as it transports us all over the world on different stages. A video to make us miss live shows and dancing.

BAD CHILD takes us on his musical journey in this album. From indie EDM in “Pretty Girls” to synthy soulful moods in “Payback.” The artist keeps exploring and will only continue to confuse us more with his with his endless shapeshifting. We look forward to seeing what comes next, which is hopefully a 20-track piece of his life. EUPHORIA. got to talk to the Canadian musician about his musical inspirations, making the music video for “$1,000,000,” and suffering in the name of his album Free Trial.

Love the intro to your new Free Trial album, “Signing Up.” Where did that come from?

I wanted the album to feel like a dating app… I was really inspired by pop-up advertisements and the sharp contrast of digital communications.

What was it like finishing the 19-track album? What was the journey like?

It was arduous, a lot of things happened I didn’t expect. A learning experience for sure; it took me five years to finish it. It was a fresh hell and a chance for me to grow from my trauma. Sleeping on floors, I produced the record myself and suffered a lot making it how I dreamed it would be. I starved for it to be how I saw it.

How was making the music video for “$1,000,000?” Tell me about that collaboration. Where are these clips from?

These are all clips from my life. It was a good chance to revisit the growth of five years up until this point. It was almost a love letter to the people who’ve fought with me and grown with me.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Thom Yorke, Trent Reznor, Fela Kuti, D’angeo, Eartheater, Fiona Apple, and a ton more, I mean Chris Cornell too…. so many artists I love. I’m constantly inspired by what I hear.

How would you describe your style and sound?

Honestly I wouldn’t. I think people should decide for themselves. I think I’m constantly shifting and changing shapes and adapting I don’t ever want people to understand me.

What are you thinking about right now?

A lot of things; my mind is overactive. In the world I’m thinking a lot about the Muslim people in China who aren’t being treated humanely. I can’t stand that the people can HATE each other. Love is so strong we need to work with each other and grow as cultures and society. We have so much to learn from each other.