Roksanda RTW Fall/Winter 2021

Roksanda’s short film for London Fashion Week is a gentle reminder to appreciate life’s small comforts.

In these uncertain times, many of us have battled with the monotony of lockdown by finding solace in life’s small comforts. In Roksanda’s latest autumn/winter collection, creative director Roksanda Ilinčić highlights these precious comforts in a short fashion film made especially for London Fashion Week.

Spanning three generations of women, Friday in February stars grandmother Vanessa Redgrave, daughter Joely Richardson, and grandaughter Daisy Bevan. It documents the three women enjoying their time together in lockdown while sporting head-to-toe Roksanda looks from the 2021 collection. Tucked away in Surrey, England, the family (plus Ilinčić herself) captured the film at Richardson’s exquisite stately home. Because of quarantine restrictions, there was no cameraman nor sound engineer available. The small team had to make do by taking the footage on three different iPhones in one day. However, these limitations did not take away from the beauty of the finished film. 

According to Roksanda’s press release, Friday in February focuses on “themes of family and the human touch to life.” Be it gazing outside a window to watch a sunrise or enjoying time spent indoors with loved ones, the film is a delicate reminder to embrace each fleeting moment. Throughout the video, Redgrave’s calming voice — which recites Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 73”is layered over lulling birdsong and a soft piano piece by Mike Patto. The sights captured are equally mesmerizing. Redgrave and Co. sit and contemplate in the quiet corners of their home. Quite simply, it is the perfect environment for the three women to relax, think, and dream to their heart’s content.

Ilinčić’s fall/winter designs complement the pervading beauty of both the house and the natural world surrounding it. As a whole, these garments are voluminous, vibrant, and expressive; a Roksanda collection determined to brighten our quarantined spirits, not dim them. Case in point? The selection of silk gowns covered in still-life compositions. Bathed in soothing colors like meadow blush and merlot, these gowns are complete with billowing sleeves and colorful, brushstroke accents for extra dimension. Also featured are two striking dresses — one ivory and one sunflower — decorated with artistic outlines of nude women. Naturally, these statement pieces transform Redgrave and her family into walking art installations.

What sets this collection apart from other LFW contributions is the impressive attention to detail. Some of Ilinčić’s gowns feature wool ribbon fastenings threaded through abstract buttonholes. Sometimes this contrast ribbon acts as an extended belt, which can either be hung loose or wrapped about the body. In other areas, Ilinčić brings huge expanses of fabric to life via intricate pleating and pin tucks. These huge silhouettes are as comfortable as they are dramatic, making them perfect pieces for sedentary lockdown life. The collection also includes more classical pieces like a black double-breasted jacket and straight-leg trousers crafted from Italian wool. In the film, Redgrave herself sports one of these refined jackets. Paired with the piece is an opulent ivory blouse with a flowing collar that hangs from the neckline.

Clothing aside, Roksanda’s Friday in February is worth watching for its tender portrayal of family life. It invites the viewer into Richardson’s home, bringing us into the family’s world filled with sweet, sensory experiences many of us can relate too. After all, it’s these small moments that’ve made lockdown all the more tolerable.