New York Men’s Day FW21

New York Men’s Day presented by Agentry PR is one of the most exciting ways to kick off New York Fashion Week where two blocks of runway and presentations typically take place. It’s an inspiring event that showcases emerging designer collections, which were taken virtually this year. From streetwear to grunge and all styles in between, these designers are notable ones to watch in the menswear space.

Victor Li
Travel to a western era was the theme of Victor Li’s latest menswear collection. With suits emblazoned with postal marks or pastoral scenes, the looks played with oversized elements and cowboy-style details. Loose cuts and layers were juxtaposed with tailored cuts. Many denim pieces can be found in the collection as Victor chose a fabric that is durable and timeless. Overall, the collection adds surprising twists to classic pieces that can add dimension to any wardrobe.  

Private Policy
Expect strongly tailored pieces mixed with streetwear staples for this season’s Private Policy collection. Taking inspiration from the history of 19th-century Chinese railroad workers, the collection dives into the xenophobic past that mirrors today’s COVID-19 sentiments. Political or not, the collection provides a look into the details and tailoring of the time in a modern context. Made of neutrals and accent colors, expect high-end pieces combined with the comfort of today’s stay-at-home looks. 

APOTTS plays with a gender-neutral silhouette and vibrant colors for their latest collection. There is a contrast of light and dark found within the pieces and their voluminous sizes. Ball gowns, parachute pants, and oversized looks dominate the field to capture looks that are unexpected and fresh. 

Carter Young
Taking inspiration from her time as a photographer in 2000’s Detroit, the collection is full of simple pieces that work for any occasion. The dynamic tailoring by Carter Young brings the looks to life with visible stitching and strong collars. The neutral palette remains modern with refreshed silhouettes of the past decade. 

Chelsea Grays
Paris-based American designer Chelsea Grays paid homage to 2020 with her latest collection. With sharp references to the turmoil of the past year, pieces reflected the turmoil and unrest seen around the world throughout the world. Tattered edges and paint-splattered pieces contrast with tailored looks and preppy patterns. Artistic in execution, the overall collection is a vibrant stand for change in the world to come. 

Federico Cina
Federico Cina makes a connection to the land and sea are evident in this latest collection. Cozy knits, bright patterns and oversized basics are seen throughout. It is clear the looks take inspiration from the natural movements of the sea or the colors of the flora and fauna found in the designer’s native Italian heritage. Designed for men or women, the pieces easily work together or apart for a modern aesthetic.  

Ka Wa Key
Pastel-colored knitwear and oversized plaids reign supreme in this collection. Inspired by the new meaning of being home over the past year, the new Ka Wa Key collection is comfortable without compromising on its unique style. Knitted overalls can easily be worn alone or paired with one of the many patterned sweaters found in the collection. These looks bring a sense of relaxed formality to knitwear. 

Opposites attract in this Yin and Yang focused collection from KoH T. With an emphasis on the idea that everything in the world brings beauty, the designer releases utilitarian pieces created with artistic detailing that takes inspiration from ceramic Japanese artistry. The mainly black collection is full of layers and surprises that bring life to an urban collection. 

Like many other designers, Onyrmrk takes inspiration from the past year’s adjustment to a new normal. The need to interact with others is more important than ever, and the idea of this connection was the main source of inspiration. Natural fabrics and neutral color tones are the backdrops of a collection full of stand-out pieces such as the long plaid trench coats. Effortless layers hark back to an early 90s aesthetic. Designed to provide a safe and comfortable feeling, these clothes can easily push the envelope of stylish basics that can be worn year-round, at home, or on the go.

Classic Americana styling is seen at first glance in this unique collection from Stan. It’s possible to be worn by anyone across the seasons is evident in every piece. Partnering with the Bumann Quilters of Olivenhain, California, the collection uses patchwork fabric to create pieces that reference this incredible art. Standout looks include printed felt blanket separates and a long Chinoiserie-inspired jacket with quilted detailing. The collection takes things back to another era without being ironic for a costume. 

Teddy Vonranson
Wearable for the modern man, Teddy Vorson is a mix of both classic and on-trend pieces. You will find looks for men who rock streetwear-inspired looks with beanie hats and hoodies or for his preppier friend, tailored jackets and fair isle knits. Pops of color mixed with softer Earth tones bring this collection into a modern world where anything is possible. 

Anything but boring, the Stolen Garment’s latest collection is full of unexpected elements. Full of masculine pieces, the surprise addition of black ruffles and pastel tulle makes the collection feel fresh. Accessories remain fresh and modern with layering and the choice of fabrics used. Add in attention to detail with unique styling to get a collection that could easily be found in any urban artist’s closet.  

Timo Weiland
In an era where we are working from home, Timo Weiland has risen to meet the challenge of dressing for on-Zoom calls and meetings. Structured and comfortable pieces prevalent in pastel and neutral colors make for dressing in this new era. Short suits and comfortable knits interact to create viable, professional looks that can work at home. Overall, the collection is one that can be worn by the modern man in his home office.  

Scandinavian bright color and Parisian couture-like elegance are the main takeaways from AKNVAS’s latest menswear collection. In a world where pieces are unisex, the collection uses unexpected feminine details combined with over-sized masculine looks. There is a mixture of both comfort and sleek ideals when it comes to the intention of each piece. Textures, patterns, and colors combine to create a cohesive and unique collection.