Rayvon Owen

Rayvon Owen — Do It Again

Singer-songwriter Rayvon Owen’s new single “Do It Again” has a new dreamy music video set in one lonesome room in the city. He is singing to walls and staring into the distance and out windows. It is the perfect languid ballad to cry to in your own lonesome room as you too sing to the walls and out the window.

The video is crisp, soft, and angsty. Funny enough, Owen told us, “Since my normal content creator and directorial collaborators were either out of town or unavailable due to the pandemic, I did something different and posted a Craigslist ad for videographers. Along came Mazen Bayoumy — a local, artistic filmmaker and director with a keen eye and unique aesthetic.”

Thank god they found each other. Owen’s sweet glossy R&B-inspired voice over airy synthy instrumentals gives us chills, on top of breath taking visuals.

Upon releasing the song, American Idol alum Owen shared a little bit about the story of it on Instagram. He wrote, “it reflects the rollercoaster that is life and love. especially after the unprecedented times we’ve been living through, I think y’all can relate to going through ups and downs and the uncertainty it can leave you with. however, if I had the choice to live through it all again, I would… there is no growth without rain.” He also noted that it was a song that practically poured out of him.

Owen, who has been making beautiful music for years, just keeps putting out stunning song after stunning song — and this is no different. “Do It Again” is one to be watched and listened to. Check out the video for “Do It Again” above and stream some of Owen’s other hits on Spotify below.