Grace Gaustad

Premiere: Grace Gaustad — No You to Me

It’s that bittersweet love story we’re all familiar with. You know the one — that person you fell in love with but it inevitably didn’t work, but they’ll always have a place in your heart, mind, and soul. That’s the crux of Grace Gaustad‘s newest song “No You to Me.”

“‘No You to Me’ is a song about a person who you love so much and because of that, you look for them in everyone else in your life,” Gaustad shared in a Twitter video shortly before the song dropped last night. She added that when she was writing this particular song, she was channeling her feelings from one particular relationship that didn’t work but still left a mark on her.

In “No You to Me,” rising singer/songwriter Gaustad pours her heart out in describing her someone and, as the song builds, so do her emotions. The accompanying video, which we’re premiering here today, is gorgeous in its simplicity. It finds Gaustad alone on a beach, her clear voice ringing out as she shares the feelings of love, loss, pain, and acceptance with all her listeners.

Gaustad’s distinctly pop voice is essentially flawless on this track — her clear tone lets the emotions of the lyrics tell the story, and the beachy visuals don’t distract from the words she wants you to hear. Gaustad, who is a talented songwriter, doesn’t hold back in this track and instead dives into the real pain associated with love — regardless of age.

“No You to Me” comes on the heels of her last single, “Out of Time,” which was released last month Both songs are set to appear on her upcoming EP, After Dark I, out in April. The EP will no doubt be heavy on Gaustad’s emotive pop sound and intricate and powerful way with words.