Zosia — The Alter

The dramatic pop artist Zosia has dropped yet another retrospective anthem to accompany our hard times. The new single “The Alter” is a soft symphonic ballad giving us comfort over our anxieties. For the singer-songwriter, it came from a very deep place. She shared with EUPHORIA., “I felt like I had gone through intense therapy and was able to find some peace (I was going to therapy at the same time, so writing the song was like having extra sessions). I don’t think it’s possible to ever fully come to terms with death of losing loved ones, but I’ve been able to change my perspective on loss. It doesn’t give me the terrible anxiety it once did.” This song is a way of sharing her insights with us. She brings us into her darkness and shows us the light at the end.

Zosia has had an interesting journey in music from “writing cheesy pop songs in elementary school inspired by S Club 7 and Britney Spears,” to writing dreamy cinematic pieces like “The Alter.” It’s no surprise to find out she is heavily inspired by cinema: “I love film scores because their purpose is to pull the viewer into another world. I want my music to do the same.” And we are right there with her in the world she creates for us throughout all of her music. We love to see a unique style in an artist, especially one that threads through their career.

There’s a peaceful lyric music video of Zosia standing on the beach, at the edge of the ocean, at what looks like dusk. The perfect backdrop to her cinematic symphony. The LA-based artist shows her vulnerability and atmospheric style to us in this new single and we are here for it. She offers guidance and says, “I hope this song can bring some comfort to those who have suffered a loss or feel anxious about losing someone.” We are listening.