Victoria Monet

Victoria Monét — F.U.C.K.

Is your favorite color blue? / ‘Cause you’re somethin’ like my kryptonite / I think I want you to maybe meet me at my crib tonight / Might not be the one but I’m definitely the prototype.”

Coming off her top tier 2020 R&B album Jaguar, Victoria Monét comes back with an undeniable single about maintaining a fuck buddy relationship. With the lyric above, we get the sense Monét knows, from a love standpoint, the relationship wouldn’t work. Yet, she tactfully attempts to continue the purely physical meetups while cutting off any possibility of her or her lover catching feelings. It’s a recipe for a song of intrigue. 

Producer D’mile enacts a soundscape ripe with potential for Monét to fill out. There is a lot of space in the composition, but there’s still a smooth rhythm section and a mystifying blend of synthy wonders. When the hook comes in, the acronym’s meaning is revealed as Monét sings, “I wanna be a friend u can keep.” The initial layered vocals and call-and-response executions all mixed together create quite the satisfying chorus. 

The most clever line of the song is first used in the second verse and is then repeated in the bridge. Monét sings, “I’m just tryna jump your bones / We don’t gotta jump the broom, you know.” When the song switches to a much more stilted yet still wildly ethereal section and Monėt adds even more textured vocal expressions, you realize the depth of the piece. She has tapped into the pulsating gray area of risky lust. When Monét, towards the end, sings, “Let me be the friend that you can keep / Pinky swear to keep you next to me / We can frame the bedroom memories,” as the listener, we know she is about to dive in headfirst. However, we also know the ride moving forward will not necessarily be without complications.

Monét is the queen of creating songs with an alluring quality. She knows how to craft something with an arc, but that also gives you just enough that you don’t feel completely satiated. After hearing this, you will surely go back to Jaguar and also be unable to escape the thought of what Monét has in store for the rest of 2021.