Torii Wolf

Torii Wolf — Deep

Torii Wolf is a poet. Torii Wolf’s music is poetic. Torii Wolf is a spiritual vessel gracing us with their little poems of music. For their latest song “Deep,” Wolf collaborated with their brother Louy, and together they’ve made a family-style piece of art.

They shared with EUPHORIA., “My brother Louy and I grew up in New York together. I left home when I was 17 and he was 12. For the 12 years that we did spend together, we connected deeply on a lot of things. Louy would sing with me. He would freestyle to my beatboxing. We both wore Converse sneakers, learned to play the drums, the guitar, and write songs. For the first time in a long time, we are in the same city again. Now we live in Los Angeles and we are bringing our creativity together with all that we have gathered along our own paths.”

I can barely get my bother to call me back let alone make art with me. Torii Wolf’s life is poetic.

“Deep” feels like music to mediate to, to stretch to, to kiss to. An airy, spacey song with lyrical rhythms. Wolf’s sharp sultry voice singing poetry over the atmospheric instrumentals is enough to send chills through your body. The song is to be listened to while watching the stars or the sun rise. We got to talk to the dreamy singer-songwriter about creating with their brother, growing up with music, and writing “Deep.”

It’s been a 15-year career for you. Tell me about the evolution of your music. How do you feel about where it is now?

Time is elastic. The one constant in my experience here has been music. I see home videos my dad would film of me from 3 years old and I was sing, sing, singing. Learning the drums in grammar school writing songs and taking guitar lessons from the local grungy rocker named Rick (who was surprisingly extra shy). I’ve always been into words // story • the rhythm has always been a big part of my creative process. Finding the rhythm and pattern in everything. I love to express all that I am discovering through sound. I have been finding that the more I express the more my sound blooms.

When did you start seeing the bridge between spirituality and music? How have they affected each other?

I have felt deeply connected to spirit before I knew any kind of name or concept of what it was I had always felt so strongly attuned to. Music feels more like a vessel for spirit // emotion • like two tin cans bound by string sending and receiving messages. The vibrations travel from one can and through the string straight out the other can. The vibration being shared is the spirit the tin cans channel the spirit for all to be heard, felt and understood.

For anyone who might be listening

Different vibrations resonate in our bodies. We can heal our bodies from the vibration of sound. This feels transcendent, infinite, and expansive.

Where is home?

I am originally from New York and in a lot of ways New York will always be home for me. I currently live in California and I love living here. I love being close to the ocean, the mountains, and the desert all at once ! It feels inspiring and liberating.

What sparked the idea for “Deep?” What was the process like?

“Deep” is a very special song for me as it is the first song that my brother Louy and I had written together leaning more into my lane of genre. My brother Louy Fierce has been making music for a long long time as well. Our father is a brilliant songwriter, and I believe it has been passed through our blood as we all have very different styles of writing. We also have a very different outlook on the music world, which is why it was so exciting for me to write a record with my brother where we met in the middle. In my writing, I love space. I love simplicity in the way of lyric and production. I love a lot of low-end and emotional vocal delivery that floats. I love to feel a sensual beat that carries the feeling through.

Often times in my emotional//creative state

I go to a very similar place. There is a castle and the air is wet and a bit dark. There is moss on the stone and I feel small surrounded by this beautiful architecture from what feels like the early 1900s. I know this place from tower to tower.

Who and what are you inspired by nowadays?

I am deeply inspired by the human anatomy.

The impermanence.

The joy in the simple miracles of life.

I am inspired by kundalini yoga.

I am inspired by the youthful compassionate and deeply loving nature of my dogs.

I am inspired by the great lengths we will go for the ones we love and care about.

Highlight of your week?

This is a tough question.

Magpies on York Blvd. has been a real highlight lately.

Finishing up some really special projects this week that I really look forward to sharing with the world.