sad alex
Photo: Raz Azraai / Press

Premiere: sad alex — dating myself

If there was ever a song to describe my own feelings about Valentine’s Day, it would be sad alex‘s “dating myself.” The singer’s latest track, which we’re excited to premiere today, is all about self-empowerment and being totally OK with being on your own.

The uptempo song, filled out with sad alex‘s breezy vocals keep bringing the listener back to the same message: I’m a pretty great catch, and I’m gonna just enjoy myself. With lines like, “I’m not single, I’m just dating myself / No one knows me better, and it’s better for my health / I’m fine, me, myself, and I,” the message is clear. And I’m so here for it.

sad alex shared a little bit of insight behind the song with EUPHORIA., saying, “You know when people tell you that your soulmate was there all along, you just didn’t realize? Well, I think maybe they are right. I’ve been here nearly my whole life and wrote this song about the relationship status so far. It’s REALLY going great.”

The singer, who’s also behind the hit song “i’m glad that you found someone,” has become known for her unique songwriting that blends sonic prowess with humor and humility. “dating myself” is her first release of 2021, and what a way to come storming into the year. The fun track is typical sad alex and is a great lesson in not just appreciating yourself, but really loving yourself.

She shared in a press release, “Date yourself, baby. No mysteries there. No pointless fights about what to do for date night, no pent-up frustration about those weird mouth noises they make while eating potato chips, no more clumsy, clueless clowns. Fall in love with yourself and watch your life fall into place. Thank me later!”

We don’t even need to wait till later, pal, we’ll thank you now. And we’ll be streaming “dating myself” all Valentine’s Day weekend and all year long.