Photo: Malin Longva / Press

Premiere: Beharie — Worry

Norwegian artist Beharie today is rolling out his latest track “Worry” — and we’ve got the exclusive premiere. The talented songwriter wears his heart on his sleeve in this soulful, emotional song. Beharie’s voice glides over each note like butter on top of the rhythmic pulse behind the lyrics.

“I started writing this song in the wake of a breakup,” Beharie shared. “A kind of need for an anthem to move on, and for everything to work out. The song is in many ways quite banal and naive, but at the same time mature in finding a sense of security that everything will work out over time, if you allow it. Sometimes you just have to jump in, sort your thoughts and dare to find yourself again. ”

“Worry” reads like a breakup song without all of the sadness and instead provides a clanging, sonic groove to move on to the next day and the next — a song we could all happily tuck into our back pockets for the time we’ll inevitably need it. This track fits seamlessly into Beharie’s repertoire of genre-bending music rooted in his musical knowledge and skillset. As an artist trained in *actual* art, Beharie relies on passion and love for creation when it comes to his music — which shines through, especially in this song, even if he calls this track “banal and naive.”

What’s special about “Worry” is, in true Beharie fashion, it doesn’t fit into one box. It’s a bit soul, a bit folk, a bit R&B, and simply Beharie, which is what makes it a song you keep coming back to. It’s also what makes us ever-so-curious to hear what he does next.

The song will find a home on Beharie’s upcoming sophomore EP, due out later this year. Listen to the new song below.