Kaytranada — Caution

The Haitian-Canadian DJ debuted his new single for TikTok's Black History initiative.

It may be only a short amount of time after Kaytranada’s sophomore album BUBBA, but he’s clearly been keeping himself busy. From his first Grammy nomination to his collaboration with Lucky Daye and — as of this week — a new single, he has a lot happening. The Montreal-based producer is in the running for three Grammy nominations: Best Dance/Electronic Album for the critically acclaimed BUBBA, Best Dance Recording for “10%” featuring Kali Uchis and Best New Artist.

“Caution” is easily a hit with its fusion of funk and modern house elements while simultaneously mimicking his signature syncopated groove. Imagine yourself in an underground club scene as this beat begins to play as you stroll in.


The two-and-a-half minute looping track fits perfectly with TikTok’s energy. Their collaboration was a part of the app’s Black History Month promotion, which also included a cover of 1971 gospel track “Like a Ship” by Leon Bridges.

The song may be short and feature just instrumental, but it’s still the Kaytranada vibe we’ve come to expect from the artist. The upbeat track will no doubt make you want to move and will transport you to a time and place a little less dire than today. Not only does the track honor Black History Month, but because it’s a TikTok collab, it provides the perfect base for content creators to use the sound for any number of videos.

And there might be more new music coming from Kaytranada soon — the artist teased on Twitter just a couple days ago remixes for BUBBA — but said he’s not sure if he wants to do that or move on to something new. We’ll just have to wait to see what he comes up with next.

In the meantime, stream “Caution” by Kaytranada on Spotify or Apple Music and create your own TikTok video using the song.