Eryn Martin

Eryn Martin — NOT

Synthy sexy Eryn Martin’s new song “NOT” is out now and it is serious hot girl shit. She makes up her own rules when it comes to genre. The moody deep instrumentals over Martin’s reverberating voice take us to the underground scene we’ve been missing. In a recent press release, Martin said, “‘NOT’ is about being fucking pissed. I have a temper, and probably an attitude problem, as some would say — especially growing up when I was younger.” The singer’s ability to channel her frustrations in her music is a big reason her songs are so unique and poignant.

The Canadian singer-songwriter likes to drink and smoke with her music. We love the creations that come out of a big bad bender. Her youth consisted of getting high and playing GarageBand. Her process now feels the same and we are here for it. We got to talk to the baddie about what inspires her, the hardest part about making music, and writing “NOT.”

What’s the music scene like in Canada? 

Quiet! We have a lot of talent scattered all over the map but no one really “makes it” in music in Canada. America is really where we get our recognition and opportunities … at least in my opinion.

What inspires you nowadays? 

Other music, especially the German rap game lately. There’s not a whole lot of exciting and inspiring things going on in the world right now, so I’ve had a chance to really explore and discover other artists aside from working on my own music. I’ve discovered this group called BHZ, and they make, like, chill German trap music and I seriously bump all of their songs every day. Shout out to them.

What sparked the inspiration for “NOT?” How long did it take to finish?

I think I just wanted to write a song about getting mad at shit. I had some nice wine in that particular session and just kind of let it take me somewhere. It took me about 30 minutes to write, while Trigga and Levy started putting the beat together and then I laid down the vocals in a few takes and it was done in about an hour … it was some real good wine.

What’s your favorite thing about making music? What’s the hardest part?

My favorite thing about making music is writing it. It allows me to control the story and how it’s told. The hardest part of making music is making it a career and establishing yourself in the industry, especially as a female.

What do you listen to when you’re in a bad mood?

German rap for sure, I highly recommend it. 187 and BHZ are some of my favorites right now. I also love Tay Money when I wanna feel like a bad bitch.