Stockholm-based multi-disciplinary artist COBRAH is a part of the thriving, queer underground scene who has been building up a loyal following over the past couple of years.

“DIP N DRIP” is her first release of 2021 and is another electro-pop anthem from the songstress that demands to be played out loud. Its repetitive chorus is reminiscent of Charli XCX’s mixtape material, which can only be considered a huge compliment. Fun fact: when Charli played a gig in Stockholm in 2019, COBRAH was invited on stage as a special guest.

“COBRAH returns in full force with pulsating new single ‘DIP N DRIP’, a dark and propulsive cyberpunk reflection on the age of technology. Drenched in metallic textures, its industrial nature and futuristic bounce are met with COBRAH’s rapid-fire vocals, as the title of the song repeatedly rolls off her tongue,” her press release states.

Despite its slightly suggestive title, “DIP N DRIP” is not about what it appears to be.

“It’s not actually sexual at all,” COBRAH explains. “It’s more about how the struggle is real, how much of a fight it is to do all of this by myself.”

COBRAH does it all — sings, produces, and is a visual director. “DIP N DRIP” will be taken from her upcoming second EP that is scheduled to be released in May. She is on a new path of self-confidence and is ready to take over with her heavy basses and bold aesthetic.

COBRAH’s visuals are a big part of her work and are always next level. In 2019, COBRAH introduced herself to the world with her debut single “IDFKA.” Not only did the song receive rave reviews but it also earned herself a Swedish Grammy nomination for its artistic video.

If you’re yet to discover COBRAH and love the likes of Charli XCX, SOPHIE, and Brooke Candy, then what are you waiting for?