Club Oro

Club Oro — Sorry

Club Oro is funny. When I asked the singer what she does when she’s not making music she responded: “Mostly cry and argue with people on Discord about the important things in life.”

Sorry but that’s relatable and “Sorry” her new single is out now. It is a funky indie pop jam for all your hazy days. “You look good from a distance.” She teases the listener with a dreamy beat and tone but frankly saying the brutal truths, and it shouldn’t even be considered brutal. The singer said, “It made no sense and left me feeling the need to apologize for the unrequited emotions, even though to me the ‘friend zone’ isn’t a bad place to be at all. If you’re my friend then that’s a privilege you shouldn’t take for granted, because I don’t just let anyone be my friend!” A messy subject with a groovy tune.

The soulful synth singer is in based in LA because, like she says, “All roads eventually lead to LA.” Moving to LA, she was able to find her voice and her love for music grew: “I guess that’s what happens when you move to a city full to the brim with beautiful overachievers.”

Club Oro is one to watch. The band manages to find a balance between R&B and pop to make a unique little pocket of music. They are a pool of inspiration. From musicians they admire like Stevie Wonder to their parents’ taste in music: “My dad made me listen to endless Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and my mom liked Alejandro Sanz and Cat Stevens. Maybe that doesn’t sound so extremely different to you but the feeling that one gets as a child listening to ‘Immigrant Song’ for the millionth time in Dad’s pickup truck vs. how it feels to hear ‘Wild World’ during a quiet evening on the couch with Mom… it’s like my musical personality was split from the get-go.”

After all, it is a musician’s ability to express themselves that makes them so interesting. and for Club Oro “music gave expression to every moment that I couldn’t find the words to explain.” That’s what we are looking for — the unexplainable.