Alekxandr — twist the knife

Since emerging as an artist in 2018, Alexkandr has been a driving force in the independent queer art scene in the UK. His voice traverses a range that recalls the delicacy of Perfume Genius, emotional intensity of Anohni and the pop belt of Harry Styles. Now, the Welsh singer/songwriter/producer and visual artist has unveiled the latest addition to his alt-pop discography, “twist the knife.”

Catchy hooks and poetic lyricism have etched their way throughout Alekxandr’s visceral material to date. A true DIY artist, Alekxandr also directs and produces all of his visuals, which have taken him to extremes such as sailing his bed across the Atlantic Ocean for the music video of “Still.”

Speaking of his latest track, Alekxandr mentions in a press release, “’twist the knife’ captures what I was feeling at the time of a break up. Unable to compute what was happening, I needed honest words even if they were going to hurt… this stuff is real as hell and the way a relationship breaks down can be damaging to people’s lives. I want to be as honest as I can.”

That honesty Alekxandr looks for seeps throughout this track. Its minimalism helps to embolden this approach, with vocals and piano being all that’s required to convey the complexity of his emotional message. The opening verse paints a vivid picture: “Give it time, and I’ll be fine / Let’s say our last goodbye / Need to hear the words / That your actions scream.”

The track also features subtle recordings that further encapsulate the tension of the situation. “We made a lot of original sound recordings like a violin string being tightened until it snaps, deep swoops on a cello, the pages of my notebook in a breeze and the sound of bats flying through a Welsh cave,” Alekxandr mentions, and these intricacies add great textural depth.

The intensity of the track builds to great effect towards its conclusion, sonically encapsulating the range of feelings that can be felt from real-life break up situations.

In all, “twist the knife” conveys an array of honest, complex emotions through its minimal but heartfelt delivery.