AJR — Way Less Sad

Multiplatinum indie pop trio AJR has dropped another banger titled “Way Less Sad” to accompany the current difficult times.

“Way Less Sad,” in true AJR fashion, features trumpet with a buoyant tempo, which doesn’t stray from their signature sound. AJR told EUPHORIA., “‘Way Less Sad’ is a song about how we’re really feeling in this moment. So much of last feel felt apocalyptic and this year we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things aren’t back to normal yet but we should be celebrating the small wins, even if they seem trivial.”

Lyrically, mental health is the center of the song as a lot of people are finding it challenging to stay positive among the ongoing pandemic. It opens by calling out those who say they’re doing fine but in reality are struggling internally. This is a feeling that’s all too relatable. It then pivots to snapping out of that feeling and appreciating the little things in life.

The chorus, which features the lyrics, “Don’t you love it? / Don’t You Love it? / No I ain’t happy yet / But I’m way less sad,” really puts into perspective that there could be moments where you feel stuck mentally and don’t know if you’ll overcome it, but at the same time could be improving.

Overall, the tiny victories are what matter and it’s crucial to always appreciate what you do have. No one’s life is perfect, and with due time you’ll be OK again. In other words, grow through what you go through. Mental health is something that needs to be discussed more often. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. You are not alone and you are so loved.

“Way Less Sad” is featured on the trio’s fourth record Ok Orchestra out on March 26 under AJR Productions/ S-Curve Records.