The Hxliday

The Hxliday — Bxtboy


Akin to his namesake, The Hxliday has graciously brought us the ultimate gift! Unwrap the rapper’s latest EP, Batbxy, to experience 2021’s most revolutionary craze in rising music. In an edgy, experimental take, the six-song collective offers a sound that pushes the boundaries of modern hip-hop and instead circles pop territory a lá Juice WRLD. The project serves as a symbolic piece representative of growth and teases the immense potential he holds for the future.

Bxtboy tells the tales of everything we adore about an era of love, maturity, and change within six melodic, catchy chart-toppers. “Batgirl” delves into a budding new relationship, while tracks like “Laugh a Little” and “Bad” offer an unexpected quirky edge. His distinctive way of proudly exploring an array of emotions packs the small project with a major punch. “The whole point of my songs is so people can relate and vibe to it,” The Hxliday mentions in a press junket. He further describes the all-encompassing EP as a “symbol of who I was for 2020. It’s me coming out of my old self and into the new.”

A 2021 revamp is just what we need to brighten the 2020 blues — is there any better way to shake off negativity than by bumping hype beats with lyrics so scream-worthy our worries couldn’t possibly stay in our bodies? The Hxliday manages to delve deep into the common feelings of love, loss, and loneliness in a way that is unequivocally different. It’s a special occasion when an artist can preach about such intimate topics and still maintain an incredibly bold sound; perhaps that’s what makes him a holiday to be celebrated in his own right.

From track one of Bxtboy, listeners are immediately invited into the percussion-driven world of “Nxbody.” We are forwardly introduced to The Hxliday as a rapper with a stronghold on quick, clever wordplay and a bass so addicting you’ll practically blow your speakers up. The ferocious grip The Hxliday creates with “Nxbody” never ceases; the EP is a constant movement of gritty hits and savage bops. For such a young artist, it’s impressive to see the body of work so simultaneously thunderous and delicate. Having grown up in a musical household, his technical perfection and intricate weaving of diverse instrumentals is a testament to his expertise. If music runs in the family blood, we’re only scratching the surface of The Hxliday’s complex deck of capabilities.

Properly positioned at the center of the EP, tracks three and four, “Thank U” and “LxneChild,” provide a much-needed breath of fresh air. It’s the first time listeners gain a more somber tonality from The Hxliday, and it functions as the perfect balance against its booming counterparts. Between the ambient bass and acoustic guitar offerings, it’s skillfully well-rounded in an expertly crafted manner.

EP standout “Bad” rounds out the project as an ideal ode to closure. It boasts an almost anthemic quality; if anything, “Bad” is that song offering a rush of adrenaline while shouting its lyrics during a live performance. “When I’m cruising at night, I put on ‘Bad,’” The Hxliday laughs. And rightfully so! With shows at a standstill, we’ll take that recommendation with no hesitation!

Check out Bxtboy on all streaming platforms to be a part of The Hxliday’s gift that keeps on giving.