Photo: C9 Entertainment / Press

CIX — ‘HELLO’ Chapter Ø. Hello, Strange Dream.


It’s rare to find a group with a perfect discography to their name. CIX, however, have managed to achieve this feat — and they’re only just getting started.

Having just dropped their fourth EP ‘HELLO’ Chapter Ø. Hello, Strange Dream, CIX have proven once again that they really can do anything. Since their 2019 debut, the boys of CIX — Bae Jinyoung, Yonghee, Seunghun, BX, and Hyunsuk — have continuously showcased their versatility and range with each new release. To put it simply, CIX never misses, and this comeback is no exception.

The five-track EP opens sweetly with the cinematic and almost five-minute-long ballad, “Stairway to Heaven.” Accompanied by a real orchestra, the boys describe the adventure of looking for the stairway to heaven and give us vocals that feel like the warmest hug. It’s very impressive and so different for the group (in the best way).

“Cinema,” the EP’s feel-good track also shows a different color of CIX. In what I think is the cousin to “Rebel” and “Revival,” “Cinema” combines the boys’ cheerful energy with a fun melody, creating a memorable leading song and music video. It’s brighter and more colorful than some of their previous songs, and I’m glad we finally got to see them let loose and have fun!

Next is “Round 2,” a very lo-fi and coffee-shop-esque R&B track. This song has a clever a cappella bridge and outro that pushes it to another level — “내 세상에서 (이 세상에서) / You might be the one.” Yes, exactly! The last two tracks on the EP are “Young” and “Everything.” “Young,” the EP’s lighthearted rock anthem, sends the relatable message of enjoying your youth and taking the days as they come. Rapper BX particularly shines here in the rap breakdown.

And “Everything,” which might be my favorite song from the EP, was written with FIX (their fans) especially in mind. This track has early 2000s R&B written all over it and it is literally everything I’ve wanted to hear from CIX. Upon listening, you can tell this is a personal song from the members, and again, the execution of it is divine.

With this new EP under their belt, CIX have added another facet of themselves to their discography. For such a relatively new group, they have such a unique sound for themselves already and I’m sure their future will be even brighter.