Private Policy Fall/Winter 2021

Fashion is a way for designers to make political statements that affect them deeply, as evidenced by the latest collection from Private Policy. Inspired by the xenophobic reactions Chinese workers faced in the 19th century, the creative director took elements of design from this era. The collection is a response to the modern-day harassment that currently plagues the Asian community due to the COVID-19 virus. 

Tired of remaining silent as the ideal minority, people are finally speaking up against the ongoing racism felt by these people. Private Policy takes a notable stand with their collection by using inspiration from a generation that took pride in their contribution to modern society’s advancements. 

The looks start off full of Millennial pink patterns and accessories contrasted with oversize khaki separates. Elements of Chinese design are seen throughout from the hats to the silhouettes. There is also a hint of the early aughts with the color palette and tiny bags seen throughout. Mandarin collars and button detailing add unique elements to basics that push a modern take on decades past dressing. Standout pieces include a cargo pocket shift dress and a silk shirt printed with the iconography of an antique map. Accents of hook and eye closures and fur lapels add to the unique feel of the clothes in Private Policy’s latest collection.

Style is evident and captured with nods to the past while also creating modern looks that can easily be worn globally. As the collection continues, the looks get darker and more structured. Loose knits are replaced with fitted jackets and body-skimming tailoring. Oversize sweatshirts and coordinated pieces bring an element of surprise streetwear to the collection. Military-style detailing is found in multiple pieces from the long tailored jackets to the combat boot shoe choices. Puffer coats add warmth to otherwise lightweight fabrics and short hemlines. There is no reason why each piece can work as well individually as they do together. 

Despite the clear use of trends seen in the entirety of the collection, it remains modern without overdoing references to the past. They took the best of the last decades to make them fresh and relevant to today’s youth culture. The focal point on a subject that we should all fight to combat is an essential takeaway. Overall, Private Policy delivers a cohesive collection that chooses to not only make a political statement but a stylish one as well.