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Fashion TikTok Accounts to Follow in 2021

Put your hand up if you feel you have spent more time on TikTok than you ever thought you would. You’re not alone. With 2020 and the start of 2021 not being how any of us expected, finding ways to take our minds off of reality for a little bit was and is what is keeping many of us going. From comedy sketches and cooking tutorials to DIY hacks, viral dances and daily vlogs, it’s not just the younger demographics who dominate.

Another category that continues to take over the app is fashion content. Because many of us will undoubtedly find ourselves stuck at home for a little longer, there’s no better way to start building a new wardrobe than to get inspiration from content creators. Whether this is being taken to the front row of catwalk runway shows with Eve-Lily (@evelilythrifts), or spicing up an outfit with Precious (@broownshaawty), here are some fashion TikTok accounts to follow this asap.

Eve-Lily (@evelilythrifts)

You can find a lot of good pieces when it comes to thrifting. It’s just about knowing where to look. It may take some time but that’s what makes it fun. By following @evelilythrifts, you learn just that. She’s all about staple and statement pieces that can take any outfit to that next level. If you’re someone who misses the hype surrounding Fashion Week and seeing what many famous faces would wear, just tag along with Eve, as she shows us what she would wear while sitting in the front row of catwalk shows like Gucci and Off-White.


Im so proud of how I made my scarf into a top for the last one, IB @andoej #designer #highfashion

♬ Originalton – Alicia Ashanti



If you are someone who is looking to switch up their style this year, following @xofashioninspo would be a start! A bit of inspiration can go a long way when it comes to finally knowing how to put pieces together and having the wardrobe of your dreams. From learning how to style Air Jordan A1s and pairing jewelry with outfits to clothing hauls and having a source to go to when you need some inspiration, this account has it all. It’s especially great because clothes are a form of expression for many people.


I’ll put where they’re all from in the comments and saves are on #fashion #style #fyp #GEICOLipSync #viral #outfitinspiration #brandymelville #xyzbca

♬ jules edit – r


Devan (@devanondeck)

Following Devan’s account (@devanondeck) will allow anyone to get a good grasp of styling everyday essentials in their wardrobe and finally being able to find their style. Whether you are struggling to create a ‘fit around purple tones, trying to find trainers for under $100, or wanting to know how to pose to show off certain aspects of an outfit, Devan’s got you covered. He also brings in his love for anime when it comes to fashion-inspired outfits.

@devanondeck90’s Anime Inspired Fashion 🔥 — #animeedit #anime #fashion #90s♬ OBLIVION by HATSUNE MIKU – Ken

Nazjaa (@nazjaa)

Who doesn’t love day-in-the-life videos and unboxing videos? Nazjaa’s (@nazjaa) content takes us back to the early days of YouTube where these types of videos were what everyone lived for. If you’re someone who hasn’t yet managed to cop a pair of Jordans, until you do, Nazjaa showcases her collection and continues to grow it with new unboxing sneaker videos. Not only does she inspire with outfits suitable for everyone, but there’s no gatekeeping on her end as she shares small businesses she recommends, men’s items, and color coordinations in a spreadsheet. What more can we ask for?

Nava Rose (@the.navarose)

Describing herself as “the girl with too many clothes” in her bio, Nava (@the.navarose) creates TikTok content that keeps people wanting more. From outfits inspired by shows like Adventure Time and Christmas songs to what it would be like at picture day in the ’90s, there’s so much to be inspired by. Everyone likes to switch things up a little and some people may find it easier to do than others. With creators like Nava, that’s a little reminder to let you know anything is possible when it comes to fashion, especially if an entire outfit can be made from fake Louis Vuitton bags!

Rebecca Ko (@rebeccaxko)

Styling outfits inspired by emojis, making oversize outfits look cool, and creating outfits inspired by zodiac signs are just some videos that’ll inspired anyone who comes across Rebecca’s (@rebeccaxko) content. Not only does content like this help anyone find their style, but it also lets people know that this is their sign to wear whatever they want if it makes them happy. Rebecca gives us outfit-inspired videos for pretty much any occasion and just like an aesthetically pleasing Pinterest board, they’ll definitely be something worth bookmarking and incorporating into your own style.


i’ve had these scarves (scarfs?) forEVER and just came up with this ! ☺️ #fyp #foryoupage #xyzbca #hack #viral #fashiontips

♬ Up – Cardi B

Remi (@remibader)

What’s so fun about Remi’s (@remibader) account is that she’s the self-proclaimed queen of fashion hauls. As a curve model, Remi is transparent about sharing her shopping hauls with her followers and showing them what extended sizes look like in real life. Best of all, she shares the ‘fit fails, too. If you’re someone who falls in the plus-size range and can’t figure out what to wear, Remi can provide some insight on the size 14-18 set.

@remibader@abercrombie comin in hotttt♬ original sound – Remi Jo

Thomas (@thvmxxs)

Giving us fashion and lifestyle content, Thomas (@thvmxxs) shows us what it’s like to take inspiration from musicians such as Travis Scott and Dua Lipa, as well as actors like Jackie Chan and learn to strike a pose. If you’ve ever wondered how to get your photos looking cool, it’s as simple as giving Thomas a follow! He also gives tips on how to style sweaters, watches. and affordable luxury items. He shows us how to take inspiration from pretty much anyone and anything to create a style to be proud of.


4 poses inspired by Dua Lipa✨ #dualipa #pose #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fahion #style

♬ Hai phút hơn – marlene

Natasha Ahmed (@natashahmedx)

Providing us with aesthetically pleasing content, Natasha (@natashahmedx) shows us how putting together outfits can be fun. It’s all about experimenting and seeing what works. We all love a good outfit haul for a bit of inspiration. Plus everyone loves a good unboxing video! With someone like Natasha on the platform, gone are the days where we wonder if certain colors go well together or how to incorporate our love for music within our outfits, as she shows us how she styles outfits based on some of her favorite albums.


outfits inspired some more of my favourite albums #fyp #outfits #vinyl #albums

♬ Culture – KAYTRANADA

Precious (@broownshaawty)

Are you someone who wants to post more on Instagram, for example, but don’t know how to switch things up, especially when it comes to poses? Then this is where Precious’s (@broownshaaty) videos can help you out! From poses you can do with your friends, ones to show off a cool ‘fit, or dos and don’ts of taking pictures, Precious shows you that creating aesthetically pleasing content may not be a tough as you think. Precious also incorporates makeup tutorials and videos on knowing where to find affordable pieces that will hopefully help anyone take their social media content to the next level.

@broownshaawtyMore more more ❤️🖤 #fyp #poseideas #howtopose

♬ Pose X Star Wars – “SomeIdiot” on YouTube!